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You don’t have to reach for the clouds!

Hello, one and all!

Following on from last weeks post, we hope to motivate and inspire you further … because we would all love to have a happy and fulfilling life, wouldn’t we? So, why does a journey of joy and peace and bliss appear to elude so many of us?

In fact, every person should at least live without fear, have food and water and clothes, and a pillow to lay their heads at night, but while the world around us often depicts this as a pipe dream, in truth the answer is closer than you can imagine!

If you believe – deep inside your heart – and accept that God gives you the mind, the body, the will, the power and desire to achieve your goals and dreams … NOTHING is surmountable to the individual or the human race.

Only ‘you’ can hold yourself back … so why not make today the start of your new tomorrow?

You don’t have to reach for the clouds! .

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash -thank you.

As I witness many of your days drifting by … thinking, toiling, and in worry from morning through to the evening, time is indeed ticking by without contemplation of your own reality within. Therefore, by refocusing upon the inner joy of being you, you will understand it is I who am the ‘doer’, not yourself as the body and mind.

When you re-invite me into your life, I am able to shine through all the abilities and senses you possess, and hence your actions shall bear fruit for other’s to find sustenance and growth. The milk of human kindness will pour from person to person, city to city, and nation to nation. The world only needs to believe and act in truth, for this to become a reality.

Wherever you are, you may indeed seem small, insignificant or even dispensable, but you are not. Like an ingredient missing from a meal, it would not go unnoticed. If you take a single cog from an old clock, its hands would fail to turn. Likewise, a torch will fade and disappear without all the battery cells within it.

Comprehend, there is no difference with each Soul … which is why the Earth (and humanity) needs everyone to connect and illuminate, even more so in these current times. So, can you help each other, and in doing so aid yourself? Will you link in unison, or be as negative and positive … seemingly poles apart?  

Understand I am here, inside your heart. Know I will guide you and love you forever, so you do not have to reach for the clouds to find me. Amen.”PS. Remember … you only have to believe!

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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