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The Gift of Hope.

Well, we are only a few days away from our Christmas celebrations, and while some people will be focused upon the 'material' side of things, others may reflect upon the virgin birth of our Lord.

Of course, people's opinions and thoughts vary across the world, and age-old questions like, "Did Jesus really exist?" still come to the fore. But then you could say the same about any 'human' form of Divinity throughout the ages ... Rama, Mohammad, Krishna to name a few. So, who was Jesus … really? If there is a word that could describe him it would be ‘LOVE’.

Jesus was a very, very gentle, and loving man ... a true 'son' of God. He was a fantastic communicator who emitted a presence and aura miles around him. What he tried to achieve was to turn people towards love and peace, but did not (at any time), dictate or decree or tie hands behind backs. The way was left open for all to turn to the light, when ready to do so. He was indeed what you call a very ‘old’ soul even then. The God/Creator/the source placed something Divine within His spirit that enabled Him to be what and who He was ... and still is!

You see, ‘still is’. This is because when born to the light you never leave it, as you are forever ‘one’. This is what many people forget or do not know yet. Jesus had tremendous ability to link with the light and could do the lessons he did this way. There were no miracles though, and never have been, only truth that has been distorted (like chinese whispers), by mankind. His acts of love and light and healing were by ‘natural laws’, and such events occurred through the true use and expansion of God’s love, and this is the miracle itself!

Now, you may or may not want to take all that with a pinch of salt, but the fact is this ... his presence upon the Earth-plane left all humanity with an everlasting legacy ... the gift of hope. Therefore, no matter what trials and tribulation you are going through, please understand that the world will always change and you will change too. However, his love for you (and God’s love), is the one constant you can always hope upon ... and you don't even need to cross your fingers!


From my speaking heart ...

The Gift of Hope

"This Christmas time, how do you feel? Are you bitter, annoyed, confused, and perplexed, or live with a heart that blooms and radiates love: feeling contented, blessed, happy and fulfilled? What does it take for you to become the latter? And do you need to alter something inside yourself? Indeed, it can be easy to change your partner, job, or home, but these are all external … it is the interior ‘you’ which can be renewed with hope and faith.

Try to understand love is the glue, the key, the religion, the faith, and is the relationship and connection above all things, while unconditional love remains the power and light which transforms the darkness of shadows and doubt into the hope of a new dawn and a beginning for all life.

Understand too, that I recognize your thoughts, hopes and dreams, and know your Soul better than you know yourself. Therefore, as you smile and uplift your love to me, I request you should also be celebrating this special time for your ‘self’ too. All who walk the path of true human values and incorporate both peace and truth into daily life wear the garland of Divinity, which can be displayed without ego or pride.

So, while you continue to re-learn who, what and why you exist through your journey of 'life', believe that you will find the path in which you always wanted to create, not only for yourself, but for loved ones and even strangers too. Please understand, your life can now transform, and become full of joy, hope and peace, with those dreams fulfilled! Amen."

Remember, you are the eternal gift, the 'present' ... pre-sent from the dawn of awakening!



PS. You should not give up hope or just accept any situation in life as 'fate'.

Dave (AFY)

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