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Please ... Trust me!

Please ... trust me! This is what God and your heart are asking you to do every day of your life.

But this only highlights those human traits of both mistrust and trust ... and though these two words are divided by only a few letters, they can be separated by huge chasms of hurt and anguish.

You see, throughout the world, many people do not trust each other, and it is easy to understand why with disputes, debates, fractions, divisions, racism, war, hate and crime all prime examples. However, those who do trust each other (and trust from within) have completely different outlooks and lives. So, let's try to bridge this gap a little, and explain the need to dissolve it from hearts and minds.

Know that to love ... you must trust. And, before you can expect or grow another’s trust one must accept your own feelings inside you. Know that trust is simple; it is love, peace and harmony. It starts within by acknowledging you are eternal with the ‘Source’, the Creator ... God.

When there is the complete trust that many things which occur in your life are meant to be (for they are often a learning process), you can then start to live in a clearer way. I do not mean something simple like brewing a cup of tea or making the bed, cleaning the windows or fixing a shelf in the shed, but major events and the tasks that the individual needs to overcome and understand.

When you can let things ‘go’ in your heart, everything becomes simple, and life is simpler to live! The obstacles and feelings that can manifest can sometimes bring despair, but they are often side 'events' to see if you can overcome them. As such, just try to trust in the good in all things said and done - which is not always easy for you by any means.

Realise it may also appear that circumstances will not bear fruit or be to your liking and advantage, but what lessons have been learned along the way? It is only when you let go ... in total acceptance ... that you will feel truly guided and loved and given precisely what you need (and not what you think you want), which allows the flow of truth, and help you become closer ... daily to the ‘One’.

So ... if you can't trust in the Universal Mother/Father ... who can you eh?


Here is a poem (with some helpful advice) from my inner voice.

Please ... Trust me!

"Inside you lies your soul, holding love in heart and mind, learn to live and also trust, in yourself and all mankind. But things they will go wrong, as they often do,

To cause a ‘red’ of anger and feelings oh-so ‘blue’. Just stop the boiling point, of a false return,

now breathe and then relax, to start a Pathway home.

Trust your intuition ... and have love for one another, like the branches you extend, unto your sister or your brother. For the tree of life sustains, and is always everlasting,

whether paupers or a king, born as seeds and little saplings.

Know the man who only hates, mistrusts in everything,

Though ‘he’ can also learn, to share and trust within. Both are two desires, of uncertain hidden feelings, so relax the one true you, and try a new beginning.

With outstretched hands and heart, embrace all living things, and trust in all the good, what you learn and are experiencing. In this your very lifetime, please know this time around, lift off from fear and darkness ... and the black upon the ground.

One’s heart it must be open, to behold your true insight, to fly high into the light ... of both the day and every night. For mankind is one big family, of that which you are bound, so trust in them and ‘self,’ for then you’ll all be found. Push aside those negative feelings, with those shadows now aware, do not mistrust or show, that you don’t love or you don’t care. As you all are of ‘one’, and in the trust become then ‘still’, do this and don’t struggle ... climb this slope, it’s not a hill.

Now reach the very top, to see what you can see,

the love, the peace, the light ... and God’s true harmony!

When you reside in joy, of one frequency and dimension,

you’ll learn and grow in waves ... an understanding of true heaven.


Remember, on your pathway and the journey, you must make it easier for yourself by ‘letting go’ of any concerns, worries or anxiousness.



PS. Open the door to your heart and unveil your new acceptance ... and you will experience so much more of life. Dave (AFY)

If you have a question regarding any aspect of spiritual development and would like to see it covered within a blog post, please contact us at


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