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This storm will pass...

As Christmas draws ever closer, the winter gales may seem to howl around your windows and doors with a greater verocity and purpose. Similarly, the turbulance of uncontrolled thoughts may seem to throw you off balance as you continue to make your way on this journey called ‘life’.

On top of this, the Covid-19 pandemic still encircles the globe, and what should be a time for celebrations, parties and gatherings of family and friends is often replaced by worries and fear, “How can I keep safe? Will life ever return to normal? Will I still be in work in 6- or 12-months’ time? How can I find the money for presents? What will the future hold for me? Surely, next year must be better?"

It's no wonder illness, stress, and disease continually escalate and surface from those unknown depths of one’s own shadow of illusion and confusion. More often than not, one's emotions are simply working overtime, which all stems from the mind simply judging your future on the past ... baseing imaginary outcomes purely upon one's previous experiences.

Well, today’s post is a gentle nudge ... a little reminder that it just helps to talk! And, if you cannot open to a friend or loved one for mental, emotional, or moral support ... why not ask God to help you?


Here's some wisdom from within.

This storm will pass...

"Throughout your life, it is vital you discover both strength and inspiration, for no matter how or where you find them, as long as it is through truth … dark clouds will fade, turbulent times and situations will ease (which calm you down), and new light will guide you. No longer shall you walk in your own shadow, as this will become a distant memory behind you.

And, during one’s life, if you are unable to open your heart and talk to someone else, just become ‘still’, because you can confide in me ... in the knowledge I shall not turn you away. I know you better than you can ever know yourself, and am never ashamed of whom, what and why you ‘are’. I understand ... and will help and strengthen you because I love you for all eternity.

Know that I am forever your friend and confidant, and your rock to cling to when all else seems lost around you. I am the light within the darkness, and the helping hand to lift you off the ground when you fall to your knees. I will quench your thirst for knowledge and guide you to the wisdom you need, for there is always an answer; a way out of the debris and fallout, when the emotional storm appears to engulf you in your life.

Understand too, that the sun (and Son), will always rise somewhere upon the Earth-plane. Likewise, love shall always rise to the surface of your heart when you let your smile, handshake, and every thought, word, and deed be the reflection from oneself to simply ‘self’. Try then, to believe the chill of negative times is a mirage, and may each day bring a warm glow to radiate through your kindness and laughter forever and a day. In doing so, you will discover your true power, and therefore find me. Amen."

Remember, I welcome you to feel the warmth and sustenance ‘within’, finding peace, contentment, and the answers you seek. I am all religions and faiths ... and I am love and one God.



PS. Try to find the balance in life by treating everything with equanimity ... do not become elevated by praise and good fortune, or overly depressed by so-called 'bad' times' too. Dave (AFY)

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