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David Knight’s New Book “Foresight: Unleashing The Power Of Your Psychic Gifts To Predict The Future” Now Available!


A renowned spiritual author's new book “Foresight: Unleashing the Power of Your Psychic Gifts to Predict the Future” is now available and aimed at people who are truth seekers and want to channel their psychic gifts. 


David Knight is a 58-year-old Amazon best-selling author. He started exploring spirituality and psychic gifts after an enlightening meeting with a medium at the age of 21. With more than 30 years’ experience of attending meditation groups and classes, he barges open the doors to the psychic world. This book is based on his experiences of the dream world—beyond the boundary of the senses—and will be available to order globally on 1st December 2022. 


The introduction guides the reader through the fate/karma/divine timing conundrum with a detailed analysis of some historic events and tragedies. An explanation of how he journals his dreams, followed by twenty of his illustrated precognitions and a unique divination guide will take the readers on the venture of self-discovery … and give them the means to foresee the future too. ‘FORESIGHT’ is his 10th book on personal development and spiritual awareness. To access the subconscious, this book will open up about many obscure parts of life that we fail to notice. 


David has been organizing personal development, healing, and spiritual circles for many years and led many sessions on achieving ‘oneness’ and mindfulness in the UK. He helps people through the power of inner dictation, dream interpretation, meditation, mindfulness and precognition. And, through his connection with the divine/source/God co-writes his books to provide you with the foundation to discover your own path of truth. With a renewed sense of purpose, the spiritual guidance and education you receive can help you reach the goal of self-realization and bliss within the permanence of love and light. 


His experience makes such methods successful, and this new book is a testament to how—when mind, heart and soul work together—readers can access the superconsciousness through their subconscious. You can order FORESIGHT here.


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Amazon Author Page: David-Paul-Knight


An Amazon #1 International best-selling eBook! 


DPK Publishing- AscensionForYou David Paul Knight


Independent author looks to help you discover your own truth.

Most independent authors run into serious problems trying to get established. Unless their work features love, sex and death, many people take little to no interest.

David Knight does not feel it necessary to delve into such topics because, frankly, they sell only superficial substance and do not get to the core. His newest work, I AM I: The In-Dweller of your Heart 'Collection' is decidedly deeper. Its goal is quite simple: To understand the person that dwells inside the body.

“I believe in “inner-dictation,” the private messages that are shared between you and God. Through a series of lessons, participants learn about faith and guidance to a much clearer purpose,” said Knight.

The book is much like his own life. His was a path of continual questions with few answers until one day, the entire matter changed for the better. This was the impetus of Knight’s work. Portions of Knight’s I AM I: The In-Dweller of your Heart 'Collection' is published on his blog, where he takes on additional topics of interest to those seeking a higher truth than the mundane.

“My blog does not give all of the advice and topics I cover in the book, but it does give a taste along with some other topics of real interest. I particularly focus on my concept of “inner-dictation” ... whereby everyone can receive their own ‘truth’ by turning inward to embark upon the ‘spiritual path.’ More information about the book is available at the page or visit his blog.

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   ISBN 978-18380091-06
  • £9.99- Paperback 4.25” x 7” 196pages –

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  • 1st Oct 2020 Self-Help/Transformation

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A Pocket Full of God: Transform the Nature of Your Life By David Knight

“An interesting perspective. Throughout the book it seemed that ‘God’ was speaking directly to the reader.” NetGalley Reviewer

“This book has a collection of thoughts and expressions, the kind that would calm your weary mind. I found them to be very poetic and soothing. A companion for any Christian!” NetGalley Reviewer

“A lovely book for anyone wanting an accessible way to the truth of the Divine.” Goodreads

“True wisdom from God that speaks to your body, soul, mind … this book is the perfect cure for much of our fear-based thinking of today.” Amazon Reviewer

“There is great value to one’s life in these words and how we are then encouraged to live them.” NetGalley reviewer

“This is wonderful for those wanting to learn how to access their own reality … the Divine within.” Amazon Reviewer


"Will you remain confined within the boundary of the body (the senses) and think, act, and speak convulsively, or can you start to become more conscious and sensitive in every aspect of living? Remember, if you can focus upon the truth of you … the reality is clear, each moment of your life are the seeds that you plant for your own future."

“Smile when you awake … for you are alive. Smile every hour. Smile in adversity. Smile when you feel joyful. Smile before you sleep … and watch your whole life change for the better."

"Time should not be squandered on being something you are not or trying to portray a picture od someone who you think others wish to see. Be you … it is enough."

“Appreciate the events of your life can produce the fields of dreams, encouraging and carrying you forward into eternity.”




DAVID KNIGHT has helped to conduct Spiritual Development and healing circles for over 25 years. He has also been a guest speaker—sharing his enlightened experiences to promote ‘oneness’ and self-realisation—at various Mind, Body and Spirit engagements across the UK. Through visualisations, inner-dictation, dream interpretation, meditation, mindfulness, pre-cognition and healing, the books he co-writes with 'Spirit' provide the foundation to discover your own path of truth. David is tee-total and a vegetarian, who loves the sunshine, nature, animals, and his wife!

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Great news ...  Leave the Body Behind - Sojourns of the Soul is the 2022 Silver Global Book award winner in the Faith and Spirituality category! It is also an Amazon #1 best-selling eBook too.

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