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You are the wave … upon the ocean of truth!

You are the wave… upon the ocean of truth!

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Hello everyone!

Sometimes you may think you’re all alone, but do you really believe you have embarked on this earthly sojourn without any support or guidance whatsoever? Furthermore … without God’s love, how could your heart actually bear the rise and fall of emotions upon your voyage and discovery on the ocean of truth?

Today’s post urges you to acknowledge and accept our oneness and your own divinity! Peace.



You are the wave … upon the ocean of truth!

I wish for you to consider your true nature, personality and makeup, the reality of what is ‘you’.

I am everything you could ever need, want and desire. As I am light and love, you are too – for I am I – as I have stated many times before. Believe, feel and know this to be true, because you are the sum of all things. This is why it is important to delve deeper into the ‘stillness’ inside to find those answers you seek.

When you travel further into silence and leave your mind behind, you will know yourself (and me), clearer than before. When you connect deep within you shall find the peace and calmness which often elude you. By doing this, especially in times when your mind is unable to determine what you think is right or wrong, let go and go with the flow. If you cannot, life may seem like you are trying to paddle a canoe without an oar … upstream!

In reality, you do not need anything else to guide you through the emotional waters of life, because I am the power, your essence and Divinity. Please understand this, so do not think you are a wave separate to the ocean, as I am your inner strength, your resolve, and the answer, always.

By letting me shine inside your heart, you will undertake many great things. By recognizing you are I and I am you (self-realization), many of your so-called trials and tribulations will ease and disappear. You will experience a new lease of life because instinctively, it becomes easier for you to bear.

Your energy and vibration will elevate as if a switch alters the current from negative to positive. The canoe, (which represents your vessel or ‘body’) will glide effortlessly forward, because my breath, like a gentle breeze, guides you eternally … into cleaner, clearer, and calmer waters. Amen.”

PS. Remember, as you come to me by finding your true self, your tears may fall. Not from sadness, but full of joy and bliss, soothing and comforting to you … like a long forgotten kiss.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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