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When and where do I get to experience Heaven?

Aaahh, now that’s the Heavenly question mankind has asked since the dawn of time! Well, surely it’s somewhere above the Earth, isn’t it? Mmmm … it’s where you go after you’ve died … but only if you’ve been good and just.

With so many theories and questions throughout millennia, people constantly search sacred texts, ancient sites and temples and even guru’s, scholars and academics for the so-called truth. Was it really the case that only a special deity or religious figures like Jesus, Muhammad, Shiva, Krishna or Budda who could experience this?

But then again, what if you’re already living in a Heaven … and imagine if you didn’t even have to go anywhere at all to find the reality of it all?

Enjoy today’s post … a reminder of who and what you truly are! Have a peaceful week ahead everyone.

Search for the truth of you

Ahhh Self-realization! Heaven is you, so focus on your true state of being.

When and where do I get to experience Heaven?

“When the individual embarks upon their own road to discovery, they too, can become confused, bewildered and even walk the ‘path of tears’ of so many Souls, from the past, present, and the future too.

But try to visualize a flower that blooms within your heart, its petals opening to the rays of light from the Sun. This is the truth of all things, as each petal represents facets of your ‘Atma’, your Soul, your very identity.

One’s goal should be to realize the truth, and obtain liberation and bliss … and ultimately find God, Nirvana, or whatever name any individual wishes to call ‘me’ or ‘I’.

Inside the stillness and silence of your heart you will understand that you are boundless … a spark of light, at oneness with the cosmos to experience the fragrance of my love and the scent of truth. Know that Heaven is a state of being. Amen”. PS. Remember, why look through the darkness, when everything you wish to know is already inside you.

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