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We simply need to walk the path of truth!

Hello … to all aspirants of love and light!

Someone recently stated how they felt really confused and uncertain about their future, explaining how unsure they’d become over their work and family life.  So, today’s short post provides us with an explanation, whereby we simply need to walk the path of truth!

Keep positive and strong, peace to all.

God bless. AscensionForYou


We simply need to walk the path of truth!

We need to simply walk the path of truth.

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“When you walk in truth … you do not need to fear where you place your feet, as the pathway across the emotional waters of your existence remains strong and greatly enhanced, leading you onwards and forwards to eternal bliss and peace. Where you place your feet, your kindness will grip and gently help you, one step at a time, to cross over those pools of emotions with dry eyes … no outpouring of ego or tears which are fueled by frustrations, anxiety, or fears.

Then, as days, weeks, months, and years roll by you are also able to reflect, looking back not with any regrets, but in the knowledge that the choices you had made were honest; carrying integrity, hope, and a real passion to serve as a valued member of society. In fact, life is so very much about service, not for the self where selfishness reigns, but in those selfless actions which help promote unity; linking hands of friendship with family, colleagues, and neighbours, into one unbroken chain of harmony, peace, and love. Amen.” PS. Love expands by giving and forgiving … self expands by getting and forgetting. (Baba)


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May this book be your friend and guide … upon your journey called ‘life’.

I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart  ‘Collection’

In a process known as ‘inner-dictation’, God’s wisdom and love are transcribed through and from the heart, to help us rediscover who and what we are, and why we exist too. As such, these ‘lessons’, guidelines and principles will resonate inside your Soul, and remove the veil of death, fear and anxiety to provide a clearer vision and purpose. Please be assured, during one’s sojourn, you are able to find your own path towards self-realization and become liberated into eternal bliss and peace.

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I will continue to post extracts from our books, which I hope you will find informative and uplifting. They aim to encourage you to become the best person, human being and Soul you can be! Remember, parts 1 and 2 and 3 have all been collated with and through ‘inner-dictation’ from my speaking heart to yours … so please enjoy!

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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