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Try removing those rose-tinted glasses!

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Wooow ... when you read that headline you might start worrying, and that is not my intention! You see, from an early age, you become indoctrinated by simply living upon the earth-plane. You may believe your parents 'raised you', hopefully within a loving home - or not as the case may be ... but the simple fact of childhood is that this is when you are 'rightly' or 'wrongly' influenced the most.

In addition, you probably inherit their traits, some of their personal preferences and religious persuasion, perhaps even blindly following their choices ... heck may even follow the same sports team or vote for the same political party!

Now, here's the rub of the green, everything that is made aware to you through your senses, then creates both experiences and memories ... hence creating one's own karma, to be carried throughout the aeons of time. The key here is, therefore, to stop cumulating new Karmic debt by thought and word and deed, and start to cleanse the soul's eternal flame of its sticky black molasses through the self-realization of who and what you truly are, Divine.

In essence, when you take off those rose-tinted glasses you start to see the truth ... yes, the truth of you!


Here are some short helpful advice of advice from my speaking heart

Try removing those rose-tinted glasses.

"I do not judge you, for, deep inside, you are perfection. By removing those rose-tinted glasses, you will reveal - and then erase - the false sense of reality. I appreciate that what you view through your physical eyes alone may appear to be beautiful. However, genuine beauty is in the ‘I’ (or higher self) of the beholder and it is only possible to witness this through the eyes of the heart, the Soul, and the mind ... when they are in unison.

If you accept this, then love will flow, like water, over rock. It will, in time, erode those imperfections and attitudes of ego, jealousy and pride which torment you all, and the negative Karmic energies will begin to dissipate.

Please understand, my love is constant, and though it may seem to trickle down at first - resembling a tear falling from your face - with perseverance and the acceptance of your Divinity, this love will shine like the Sun and flow like the ocean, reaching every shoreline and every heart. Therefore, bask in the knowledge of ‘you’, and be blessed with my grace. Amen."

Remember, negativity is often self-inflicted and like garden weeds, they are tenacious. They appear year after year, season after season, preventing you from reaching your true potential and self-realization. Like the careful gardener, you must overcome them through vigilance, to prevent the smallest hint of ego and self-centred preservation from taking hold.



PS. In order to witness your own reality, observe 'life' through the lens of truth, and like an innocent child, you'll become unaffected by the exterior world to find a clearer view of where you’re headed. Dave (AFY)

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