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They asked, “Why are our lives so full of testing times”?

Good day fellow seekers of truth and love and light!


You say you’re going through hard times, and that there’s always something negative or difficult to overcome in life?


Okay, that may be true for on a daily basis, we indeed face many challenges. In fact, they can occur anywhere and at any time – and often when we least expect them too. Perhaps today will highlight money, family, relationship difficulties, or even work or health concerns … but know that all the ‘tests’ you have undertaken achieve at least one thing – to help you grow and mature as a human being and Soul.


So why test anyone or anything at all? Well, to reveal it’s true strength, and see whether it holds up or fails under pressure. Therefore, you must believe in God’s promise to help and support you … like a seed which falls into the fertile soil of faith. By living from, through, and to ‘love’ – you demonstrate your trust in ‘him’. You can then flourish by passing the tests, learning the lessons and graduate to eternal light!

Keep positive and it WILL happen! Enjoy the post and have a wonderful week.

Cover photo by Bruce Mars. Post photo by Jessica Lewis – both on Unsplash.

They asked, “Why are our lives so full of testing times”?

God’s reply …

One day you will fly like a bird, majestically soaring higher and higher, reaching places beyond dreams. Know I am your other wing to support and help you do this, and together we can achieve everything you desire in the name of truth, love and light. However, there will still be testing times during your ‘Earth-plane’ existence and embodiment, all because your trust can be misplaced or abused.  

But do not despair when such things trouble your heart and mind. Let them wash over you. Refrain from taking the bait, and becoming entangled in the false communications and actions of others. In these circumstances and occasions, it is better to ‘rise above’ the disruption and any inconvenience someone or something has caused you. This will ensure you focus and re-concentrate upon the truth, and be able to hold your head up high, displaying true human values in all their glory. Think of these annoying moments as ‘minor’ inconveniences, and do not make the proverbial ‘mountain out of a molehill’. 

In addition, karma and balance always prevail, and in time, one can see their own road clearly ahead. In your life, you will sense what feels right or wrong in thought, word and deed, and your intuition plays a big part in this. This is also a link to the truth, which resonates inside you. Amen”.PS. Remember, through any experience you gain wisdom.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all -AscensionForYou. 

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