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The truth about our consciousness … and proof that God knows best!

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Hello fellow aspirants of love and light.

Here at AscensionForYou, we’ve been reminded several times this week to stop fretting and allow our greatest good to materilise. It is a sad fact that our minds are continually trying to evaluate every moment of our lives.

Our consciousness is forever attempting to get in the way of God’s guiding hand. This ‘tool’ should be a gift, but it constantly makes us believe that our minds know best, imagining what is good and just and ‘right’ for us all. It wants to manipulate our thoughts and words and deeds and judges our perceived futures only by our experiences of the past.

Well that’s all poppycock! Time and time and time again, if we just let go of this false desire to control each and every outcome, we learn God knows best! ‘He/she’ understands how and why and when to manifest what we truly need, and morever, what we deserve – which is to esperience joy and peace and happiness upon this earthbound journey.

Today’s post is a reminder to implicitly trust – the creator, the source, the light and the father/mother God of all life.

Allow God to direct thy path

Allow God to direct thy path…

The truth about our consciousness … and proof that God knows best!

“Throughout your daily lives (from the moment you awake until your head lies down to sleep again), numerous choices and tasks become filled with anxiety and fear. Please understand, you can remove these negative traits in an instant, but only if you let the trust I speak of enter the core of your heart. Please realize, it is wiser than you think, and knows when to trust. Like a mirror, its reflection will become true and wash over you.

Know my helping hand is only a heartbeat away, but you must first recognize it, and then take steps towards me (and real bliss) yourself. Just as a child takes their first ‘baby’ step, in terms of spiritual education, this action is its equivalent. By developing this inside you, one’s confidence and trust will soar in me too.

Eventually the bird will fly, majestically soaring higher and higher, reaching places beyond dreams. I am your other wing to support and help you do this, and together we can achieve everything you desire in the name of truth, love and light.

Appreciate one’s karma always prevail, and in time, one can see their own road clearly ahead. In your life, you will sense what feels right or wrong in thought, word and deed, and your intuition plays a big part of this. This is also a link to the truth, which resonates inside you.

Understand that I am within and with you at all times, so I am here, there, and everywhere to help and support you in your endeavors and tasks upon the enlightened road and the journey. By taking a step through, too, and with me, your life will change forever! Trusting in me (and yourself), are certainties, for just as the Sun rises to a new dawn each day, I will illuminate your pathway ahead … with every breath you take. Amen”. PS. Remember, God is within, without, above, below … so stop worrying!

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou. 

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