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The long hot summer … and the path to fields of Gold.

The long hot summer … and the path to fields of Gold.

Good morning everyone.

After several weeks of blistering sun and scorching heatwaves across the UK, we have now experienced some tremendous storms, with brilliant flashes of lightning, deafening claps and cracking of thunder followed by torrential downpours …which has helped to clear the humidity -for a while at least- to  bring a welcome relief for the parched lawns, flowers and trees. 

 Of course, as human beings, our bodies also need to be nourished for without food and water we’d soon perish. But what about our emotions and our minds, and even more importantly the need to quench the thirst of our Souls. 

In today’s post, we get a glimpse of an experience deep within all hearts … whereby the stillness of our inner peace leads us into our own fields of gold to become truly fulfilled.

Have a lovely week ahead. Peace.



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“Welcome. Please, sit and rest a while. Hear my voice, and listen carefully to these words. I watch over you all when days are hectic -whether this is due to family, work or home issues. So you may wish for a long, lazy day in the sun. However, to recharge the ‘batteries’ is not so much about the physical rest you require, but often more about the time you need to ease the restless mind. In turn, this rest brings balance and provides a constant boost to your health and happiness, no matter what the weather outside your door.

To help you, look to the truth through your mind’s eye. Here, your consciousness blends with my light and guides your gaze towards the horizon. The fields, nestled between the hills and valleys appear to interconnect like a patchwork quilt. And, with the sun shining overhead, the summer haze makes it difficult to distinguish those fields which are ploughed from those which are coming into harvest.

The days and weeks and months of your life are similar; they are times when you either sow or reap. In fact, you can be riding the crest of a wave at one moment, and the next moment it all seems like hard work. Your negative ‘karma’ resembles clods of soil, weighing you down on your continued journey … along the treadmill of experience and knowledge.

However, one day, you will all bear witness to the real fields of gold. These do not contain materialistic rewards or anything else to fuel yearning or to inflate the ego. Such things only bring frustration and anger and fear. No, you’ll pass right through them, and start to feel you are walking – or rather floating – on the air.

Mankind will always seek answers to the how, why and when of things. Only by turning back to basics will he appreciate that simplicity is the key to true knowledge and wisdom. Love is everything, everything is love, and love is all there is. Without it, life would crumble; turn to ash, dissipate and disappear. Therefore, it is the very fabric of which you and I are made. One may think of it as energy, pure and just, unconditional and limitless.

By believing and knowing you are divine, your self-realization will draw you ever nearer to me. My grace is abundant for you all. It is endless. The minute this is understood, contentment and peace will reign both inside and outside your heart. Let go of trepidation and fear. Each day, believe you will receive exactly what you need in every moment. Please, have confidence in everything you do; this proves you not only place your trust in me but in yourself also. Amen.”


PS.  Those fields of gold may appear far away, fading into the horizon, but the inner glow will enable you to reap your own eternal harvest which will never fade or die.

PPS  Why not just close your eyes and listen  … here’s Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold 


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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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