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The imaginary boundary … NO TRESPASSING!

So you think you are contained, do you? Are your heart and Soul restricted in some way … perhaps by a controlling force? Have your thoughts become your own self-imposed prison cell?

Whatever you believe on this issue, it will make no difference where you are in the world if you allow your mind to set boundaries on what you can experience through the body and Soul.

The real question is this, how long are you prepared to allow the mind to continually put up a no trespassing sign? The choice is always yours to make! Why not remove your ego, your desires and you’ll be left with peace. Have a good week.

The imaginary boundary … NO TRESPASSING!

“Since time immemorial, ‘eyes’ have gazed towards the stars and light high in the night sky and so humankind contemplates the heavens in a two-dimensional manner (with this sense of an above and below). They beleive they are somehow separate or divided from each other. However, if you are all things then everything is you, a reflection of the truth.

This magnificence and the beauty of what you call ‘space’ is contorted by its own word and meaning, as it is not empty, or contained. Distance becomes a false parameter or boundary.

When you leave the confinements of the mind you find self realization. You comprehend are part of all Creation … divine … love. No one can manufacture this in some worldly place, and neither can you buy, sell, deceive, persuade, or cajole it because purity is not ‘born’, and therefore cannot die. It is, was, and always will be.

When you go beyond your emotion and mental aspects of being human you will understand that I am you and you are me. Amen”. PS. Remember, be still and quieten the monkey mind – then allow yourself to taste the true wonder of bliss and peace. (Here’s my video from yesteryear as a reminder –

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