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The gift of Creation … our wonderful world!

As our lockdown here in the UK continues, know that many other countries are still in the same boat. For instance, in India, their lockdown should be ending on Star Wars day (May 4th) … but the government has extended it to 17th.

There is now talk of second waves across the globe later in the year … and no doubt Covid-20, 21, 22 are around the corner. One thing for sure is that our lives may never be quite the same, with social distancing the norm for many years to come.

But let’s not lose sight of how beautiful and wonderful this world is around us. Creation provides us with water, the air and the food to live. In health, our body functions without effort, so much so that we don’t even think about it.

So, please understand, your life is your making, and you have a choice whether to be joyful or miserable in everything you say, think and do. And, if you wake up in the morning, be grateful your alive!

Enjoy another song from Chris Eaton at the end of the post, and keep positive and safe everyone.

A gift from Creation

Our beautiful planet…

The gift of Creation … our wonderful world!

Grasp each moment of your life with eagerness, contentment and gratitude. Love does not thrive upon separation and illusion, but seeks authenticity, and only this can quench your inner ‘thirst’. 

Know too, that the sun (and Son), will always rise somewhere on the Earth-plane. Likewise, love always rises to the surface of your heart, when you let your smile, your handshake and every thought, word and deed become a reflection of our union.

Please believe the chill of these negative times is a ‘mirage’, for each day can bring a warm glow which radiates through your kindness and laughter … forever. In doing so, you will discover your true power and, therefore, find me. And, when you can make time for silence and stillness, why not reflect upon the wondorous life and world which envelopes you? Amen”.PS. Remember, be grateful for our wonderful world!

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou. 

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