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Thank you – Good Samaritan!

Hello, seekers of peace and truth.

Many of you have heard or read about the Parable of the good Samaritan, a story in the Christian gospel of Luke that encourages people to help others who are in need and/or in danger.

Well, earlier this week I had to nip into town. About 10 mins after leaving the bank I received a telephone call from the manager to say that someone had seen me drop my wallet outside the branch doors – and handed it in. Phew! Anyone who has experienced the sudden panic and stress of losing their purse/wallet/handbag will know exactly what this feels like.

In this instance, nothing had been taken or stolen. Thank you, Spirit for watching over me, and to this kind person too. It is much appreciated!

As we enter a new week, I’d like you to think of those who have helped you in the past. What did their actions mean to you and were you grateful?

Know that the Lord provides us with the opportunities to be good Samaritans each and every day – and we all have the choice to engage in a selfless act.

Sunday’s post is just below. God bless.

Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash

Thank you – Good Samaritan!

I encourage you to be selfless – not selfish. Each day, try to be thoughtful, not thoughtless. Likewise, be kind and not blind to another’s emotions or heart. When someone engages in wrong action and so-called ‘bad’ deeds, these acts resemble dirty hands which can carry bacteria or infection. They also reflect the ego that pierces the mind and as such, it requires cleansing over and over again, until little or none of it remains.

Once humbled, the ability to serve and help your fellow Souls multiplies at least by ten or even one hundred fold. Comprehend that without selfish words and thoughts infiltrating your consciousness and deeds eneacted by the body, the little ‘I’ (your ego), is cut down, and selflessness reigns. 

You will realiuse this when  it becomes much easier to accept and share; and even your most coveted possessions can be detached from the pull of one’s heart strings, which are a last ditch attempt to hang onto the impermanent and unimportant physical ‘things’. Amen.”

PS. Remember, try to be a good samaritan today. You have the power to uplift or even change someone’s whole life.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou. 

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