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SSS – 6 sentence Sunday! 10-28-2012 FROST with I AM I:The In-Dweller of your Heart &#8211

Welcome back to the AscensionForYou Six Sentence Sunday  blog entry. Its been quite a while since the last entry for which i can only apologize. The pain (RSI) in my arm / shoulder has improved so i can at least spend a little bit longer on the PC  now!

Just to let you know that I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart, part 2

So, as winter is fast approaching with an icy chill in the air, i thought i’d share todays 6 from a Lesson entitled Frost!

One’s surroundings may appear dull and withered during winter, so it is prudent to view with (and through) different lenses.

Unlike those three dimensional (3D) glasses which attempt to imitate real life upon a television screen, looking and feeling with your heart will bring new and pleasant surprises each and every day.

Birds still fly and sing, while a tree, even without leaves, draws one to the beauty of its bark.

Also, when conditions are just right, a full moon in the coldness of night will cause the rooftops to shimmer and shine like mirrors, while hedge rows and verges sparkle like stardust as car headlights compete with nature’s rays of light.

Know that as you make your way through the journey of your soul, there will be those whose hearts are frozen , while you may come across individuals or groups of people with chilled emotions which may often prove to be difficult.

See these not as obstacles and challenges, but opportunities to melt hardened feelings with kindness and gratitude.

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