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“So you sow … so shall you reap”. AFY

Good morning everyone. 

Today’s short extract explains the need for sustenance in a number of ways, not least the body and mind, but also your Soul! So everything we think, say or do carries a resonance and frequency either positive or negative  … what seeds have we sown and are currently reaping?  Spiritual ‘food for thought’ eh?

Have a great week!  


       “When light has entered your heart through compassion, forgiveness, and humility, it enriches you both inside and out. This transforms into the energy of love, which emanates later through and from the mind, and in turn this creates waves of truth, positive in design, as they radiate; spiralling through your own consciousness, into the ether and across time and space.

Remember, as you sow, so shall you reap, hence the reflection is cast back, through your Soul. Illumination of the true ‘you’ is therefore defined not only by what you say and do, but also by what you think. Consequently, the Soul, just like the body and mind, needs sustenance in terms of becoming fulfilled.

Overall, this is an easier process for the physical, able to consume food and water slowly or rapidly, though can still become bloated. In a similar fashion, the mind can digest countless works of literature and large amounts of information, yet could equally diminish through a lack of enthusiasm, commitment, or a loss of will.

Meanwhile, the Soul’s radiance and brilliance is dependent, not by what you bring to the ‘table’, but in what you share from your heart with truth and sincerity, which helps to sustain other Souls both near and far. As always, your life is yours to live, but ultimately the responsibility for peace and harmony to maintain the human race, is each your own. Amen”

(Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhoto’ –  Tuomas Lehtinen )

PS –  Today, is your future in the making. (What are you waiting for?)


I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart  (Part III).

Paperback and e-book are available via  / Kindle and / kindle. Other available  reading formats via  Smashwords

This third installment, from I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart series, written with, from and through’ Spirit … will uplift, inspire and guide your heart and soul towards self-realization, enabling you to reach your eternal goal in this lifetime. Each ‘lesson’ aims to help you, not only to find your own truth ‘within’, but also enrich your life with joy and love, to finally remember who you are, why your here, and where you are going to.


I will continue to post extracts from them our books, which I hope you will find informative, uplifting and encourage you to become the best person, human being and Soul you can be! Remember, parts 1 and 2 and 3 have all been collated with and through ‘inner-dictation’ from my speaking heart to yours … please enjoy!

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May you keep shining each and every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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