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So,please tell me …who’s following who?

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Hello … you devotee of love.

As we continue to make our way along our spiritual and physical journey, we should remind ourselves whether we are trying to fulfil God’s plan for us … or if we are trying to get him/her to fulfil ours. However, when we all live in truth it doesn’t work this way. In fact, to truly find oneself … one must first seek God.

D.L. Moody’s once stated: “The world has yet to see what God will do with and for and through and in and by the man or woman who is fully and wholly consecrated to him”.

So, as we start the new week, don’t place any barriers or restrictions on what you can acheive in thought and word and deed. Let the divine spirit be the light by which guides you to where you need to be, and when.

Therefore, please try to enjoy -and even rejoice- for each and every moment of the life you have been given. Peace.

So,please tell me …who’s following who?

When you are able to view life with clarity, then all barriers crumble before you. This becomes easier through faith -but I do not mean the connection to any relgion here. No, it is in having a real belief and trust in yourself, because when you instill this within your heart, you’ll restore the same in me, an automatic consequence of acknowledging the Divinity inside your Soul.

In an instance, darkness, fog or shadow (having crept upon you) can be dispelled, just like a curtain or veil drawn open to reveal a new and brilliant sunrise and dawn. Know that my light will permeate and dissolve trepidatio. It will also crush fear and banish hate and anger from lips and hearts.

If you can believe this to be true, your life’s irritations will be fleeting, and problems reduce to challenges which are overcome quickly, for I can work through you with greater ease. With internal and external barriers laid bare through your thoughts, words, and deeds, then your road to peace and bliss will open with new clarity and purpose. You can move forward with meaning, integrity, and honesty, knowing you do not need to worry if something is wrong or not, for it will feel ‘right’. Amen. PS. Remember, if you are willing to surrender yourself to God, there’s no telling what he will do with you!

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou.

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