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So, just how do we experience Heaven on Earth?

Since time began, ‘man’ has gazed upon the stars and wondered about Heaven. Where is it? How do I reach it? And, can I experience Heaven on Earth?

So, is there a magic formula, a special prayer or incantation or even something we have to do in order to bear witness to God’s eternal love and peace and bliss.

Well, the answer is simpler than you think. You have to let go. Yes, let go of the mind. Do not fear. Do not worry … over anything or anyone. Only the mind causes these things. One must believe with all their heart that they are loved and guided and everything is as it should be … in other words TRUST .

Now go and find your inner truth … and be at peace.

(Enjoy the post below and have a good week).

The best advice is to switch you mind off!

Release the mind and experience through your heart.

So, just how do we experience Heaven on Earth?

“Please understand, Heaven is but a microcosm and reflection within your own inner search. Surely then, to deny its existence means that you deny not only me, but also your own true self and one cannot exist without the other.

I will help you always to find your inner truth and thus you will find me. I am Light and you are Light. I am Love hence you are Love. I am all things and so all things are you. Open your heart once more to source the power of your own Creation. Heaven and Earth go hand in hand; hence, I am with you, always and forever. Amen”. PS. Remember, release the shackles of the mind and just believe in God with all your heart!

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