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So, do you really know what love is?

So, do you really know what love is?

Good morning to all aspirants of love and light. 

Throughout the ages, mankind has sought the answer to the burning question, ‘What is love?’  The answer should be simple, yet our emotions can become bound with desire or lust, which can often confuse the mind and moreover, the heart.

People also talk about being ‘in-love’ rather than ‘love’ itself. Others want to know how true love feels and even believe they can only find love in a secret place,  with a particular person or pet, or perhaps upon a different dimension or in Heaven.

  The bereaved -and those who feel lost or lonely – may become blinded by the pain of separation, but one day may say they can define it. 

In today’s post, the short passage below may give us food for thought. 




Photo credits:  Visualhunt.

“You are all entwined and connected like threads, woven together to form the truth, and without the structure of love, you would cease to exist as you do as Soul, body, and mind. Like a jumper without a hole for your head, a necklace with a missing link, and a plane with only one wing, nothing would function and be a worthwhile expression of Creation. However, because you are Divine, no matter what color, shape, size, or even if you imagine you’re incomplete or different, in reality, you are – and always will be -forever ‘whole’.   

Remember, love knows no bounds and is expressed through compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and peace. Whether you hold a hand, share a kiss,  or lift another’s heart with a smile or a wave … the energy transmutes and alleviates anger and pain. From this day forward, know your thoughts can bring a fresh beginning, and like wearing new shoes, may they shine with every step you take, so your heart can welcome the enlightened path of truth you now walk upon.

So, the power of love is a Universal beacon, one of joy, hope and of faith in me, and the same resides within you too. Its beauty is beyond compare, and though humankind’s intellect cannot grasp this yet … I am still your guiding hand of light, which will help you realize your ‘higher’ self, the reality of you and me -the ‘one’.  Amen.”


PS. Here’s a wonderful video, a little reminder if it’s ever required…  Alzheimer / True Love

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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