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So, did you find true love – my Valentine?

Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

Before you say it …. of course, we know that  St Valentine’s day has been and gone!

Well, only you can say whether you believe you have found your one true love (or not), but whatever the case may be, no one can dispute love is a magical thing.  And while it may so easily get entwined with lust, desire, jealousy and ego and all manner of our human emotions here in the physical realm, neither time nor distance can erode or break its unquantifiable power. In truth  … the energy of love is Heaven and Heaven is love. 

Today’s guidance (below) is another reminder of the true connection of our hearts. May you recognise and bask in the radiance of love  … always. 



  So, did you find true love – my Valentine?

“Picture a bicycle wheel, with its many spokes leading outwards, to the edge of the circle. Or, even better, change the image -which flashes through your mind- and now imagine the ‘hub’ to be your heart and Soul, with pure rays of your love and light as the ‘spokes’ which emanate in every direction. This is what truly exists, for it nourishes all life around you, physically, mentally, emotionally and within the ethereal realms of Creation. (This is more important to grasp and understand, rather than the material aspects of the world you live in).

When the Divinity within recognizes ‘oneness’ in all, you will comprehend that time or distance hold no barriers, and are not a prison to true love. 

True love connects everything, whereas attachment through desire makes you believe that without your presence to connect to those around you, they will suddenly fall down and fail to exist.

And, if someone’s anguish and so-called loss or separation occur through the death of a loved one … know true love is eternal. What I speak of is inside your hearts, it is beyond all things. The passage of time is unable to erase or break it. Distance becomes a false boundary. No one can manufacture this in some worldly place, and neither can you buy, sell, deceive, persuade, or cajole unconditional love, because purity is not ‘born’ and therefore cannot die. It is, was, and always will be.

One’s embodiment upon the earth plane is only temporary because you will be fulfilled inside and out by sitting at my table within the Kingdom of Heaven, nourished by trust, belief, and unwavering faith.

In your past, present, and future understand your true feelings emanating from the Soul leave traces of whom and what you are and yet to become. The tears of truth will fall from the eyes and hearts until all know we are forever ‘one’, and are simply sparks of the same living, burning eternal flame. Amen.”  

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash PS. Remember, the colour of your skin, nor one’s gender or age can define true love… for it is pure and untainted by fear and hate and greed or envy. 

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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