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Remembrance Sunday - And the Flame of Hope which lies eternal in us all.

On this special Sunday, perhaps you could spare some time to remember the fallen across the world ... and all those who still suffer physically and mentally from ‘conflict’ and war. Surely, when all souls unite behind the banner of Love, we will rise above the false veil of death to be reborn into eternal bliss. May today's post help remind you of your true nature and our 'oneness'.


It is such a shame that the festival of Remembrance cannot go ahead due to the pandemic ... so here's a video from the Royal Albert Hall in 2011. May these poppies and tears which fall become symbols of everlasting peace and forgiveness - to ignite the flame of hope which lies eternal in us all. Amen to that!

Remembrance Sunday - And the Flame of Hope which lies eternally in us all.

"Picture the poppies falling from way above you, floating down upon a breeze cast by my breath, for they resemble rivers of tears falling down countless faces. Each one is a memory and a pull of the heartstrings that lies eternal ... and which leaves a trace of our love and connection.

This day reignites memories and hearts to recall troubled times of anger, war and conflict around the world. Nation vs nation and man vs man throughout history reveals itself through horror and pain. And yet, within you all, resides the same Divine love. Realise both physically and spiritually, we are all one. Indeed, pierce any heart and it will bleed, no matter the nationality, colour, or creed.

Understand that over thousands of years, man has been slain in deserts, mountains, upon water or from the air. But through the horrors of conflict, the light of loved ones will shine more brightly today. As such, you not only recall and remember friends, relatives, and family who have fallen yesteryear, but also the suffering inflicted upon bodies or minds right now. Know they are not lying in fields of death, and their light has not been extinguished, and never can be!

Today (and during your week ahead), symbolism will play its part. Across the world, millions of souls will be looking for a sign of hope for the future. Of course, during times of grief, it appears difficult to comprehend such things, but try you must. And, even though someone you love may not be present, in reality ‘they’ have not disappeared or faded from you, because they live forever etched inside your heart. This connection cannot and never will be erased or destroyed.

Therefore, do not wish on one side, one country, or one Nation to crush or subdue another. Rather the world over, each individual must re-discover the undying strength within themselves to overcome the darkness of hate. By remembering to be selfless, you will soon understand the remembrance of the Divinity of Man. Amen."

PS. Understand that with an open heart you can truly embrace your Divinity within ... and love will then flow like 'water over rock', to erase all your doubt and fear.


PPS. If you have a question regarding any aspect of spiritual development and you would like to see it covered within a blog post, please contact us at

Keep strong in the week ahead. Dave (AFY)

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