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My love -and our love-is unique…

Hello fellow Soul searchers!

Since the beginning of time, people have asked ‘What is Love?’ Is love just for the lucky few? And, if it’s not, where can I find and experience this peace and bliss? These are just a few of the many burning questions from countless Souls.

Well, in today’s post we’re reminded of what we really are.So, no matter how busy life seems to get this, try to share some happiness and love to a friend, lover, husband, wife, sister or brother … heck … even to a total stranger. Have a ‘lovely’ week everyone.

Holding hands

Couple holding hands against the sunset.

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My love -and our love-is unique…

My love – and our love- is unique. Know it is permanent, everlasting and cannot fade … unlike two hearts which fall out of love, perhaps through complacency or from a lack of tolerance and mind control overone’s bodily senses. Comprehend that the love I speak of is no illusion or distant dream, but it can only be found when ‘man’ rises above the mind and body consciousness to live from and through the heart.

Forget what anyone else believes are your imperfections, for they cannot be, as you are all perfect within my heart. And, while one’s character, traits and personality may contain many flaws which greatly affect others, inside your Soul’s lies a Divine flame and spark, no matter how obscured it may appear to be.

Therefore, please try to live in truth. Join hands of love and light with your neighbour, so the world can shine infinitely brighter. All it takes is the contentment and perseverance of -and for- each Soul, so that bridges can be built; and mountains moved in the name of peace. Know you have the power and strength to unite under the banner of love, and shine all together into eternity. Amen. PS. Remember, you have the strength within you – to make your life filled with love.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou.

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