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May 8th 2014 My Writing Process – Blog Hop

My very good author friend Sherry Gloag, invited me to participate in today’s Writing Process Blog Hop. The idea behind this blog hop is for readers to meet new authors they may not otherwise come across, so… in advance, thank you for joining me today, and a big thank you to Sherry for inviting me to join in.

What am I working on?

My main W.I.P is a ‘collection’ version of all three books in the  I am I: The In-Dweller of The Heart series. There will be a twist in that it just won’t be the 52 ‘Lessons’ from each book added together … there will be 12 seperate ‘chapters’ each containing 13 lessons on a particular subject. For example, ‘Christmas’ … the ‘Seasons’ … ‘Who,what and where is God?’ and so much more, which I hope will enable the reader (or listener as the case may be) to delve into an area of Spiritual guidance and education with a greater focus and determination to obtain Self-Realization. (NB After this,  two further books are in the pipeline, but I’m keeping their details under wraps for now!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This is an interesting question … as there are many types of ‘spiritual’ types of writing, like ‘channeled’ material- (for example from a spirit guide) or through / via automatic writing – where the persons hand just writes, either while they are in meditation or are in a semi-cognizant state.

For myself, I have exeprienced both of the above, but with the I am I: The In-Dweller of the Heart series, the information seemed not to flow from my mind’s connection, but through my heart … hence the term Inner -dictation’. This may sound bizarre, but this is what it feels like … as if i know ‘within myself’ what words to write without even ‘thinking’ them. It is a very humbling experience indeed. (Remember, everything is from, through and to love, as we are all one!)

Why do I write what I do?

Over the years many strange and wonderful things happened to me both physically and also in dream state and meditation. When I first started to ‘open’ up my heart, a lot of psychic experiences occurred … including many pre-cognitions (foreseeing future events) and proof of life after death. As such, and through my own faith, I had the inbuilt need to want to help guide people to find their own truth upon their (own) journey.

Then, over time, spiritual gifts started to materialize in my life such as healing, clairaudience and the ability to write through channeling and inner dictation. Once I started putting pen to paper I knew that I would eventually put at least 7 books together … to help guide, heal and shine the light for many others to bear witness to their own Divinity and through theor own self-realization find bliss and eternal peace.

How does my writing process work?

Ha ha (LOL) … well I really should have a structure like ‘famous’ authors I guess! For me and I’m sure that just like lots of people, it’s a case of juggling and fitting it into one’s busy lifestyle. I would like to say I have a set time each day but I don’t. For me it’s like having a pull and tug of the heart strings … it’s like God saying to me, time to write now David – bizarre as that sounds or seems. Sometimes, if I hear or listen to relaxing / gentle music … or am in a quiet moment, something triggers inside my heart, as if inspiring me to put pen to paper. As this occurs, I tend to write for about 1 and half hours, and then, when time allows … it takes me about 2 further hours to type up what has been transcribed through me.

                                                 ~~ ~ ~

I am looking for another couple of authors of any writing ‘style’ who will assist and help carry forward this blog to a wider audience …  and I will add their connections as soon as I have some details. Many thanks for your time today, and I hope you have enjoyed this snapshot into my ‘writing world’. God bless and peace to all. Dave – AFY

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