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Listen to your heart and Soul, and be creative!


Someone recently mentioned they would like to be more creative but were struggling for inspiration. This becomes even more understandable when we consider the fast pace and nature of our lives we live today- especially with all the tech and social media which attempts to capture our attention 24/7.

So, why not begin to do something new or have always wanted to do? Perhaps you could learn to write, paint, dance … take up carpentry, photography, maybe learn to sew or bake … the list is endless, but you must do whatever makes your heart sing! 

The fact of the matter is you only need to be true and be ‘you’ … and simply express yourself! In addition – if the choice comes from deep within – you will be giving the Universe the gift of knowing who you are, so we can all learn from your ‘experience’ too.

Just listen to your heart and Soul, and be creative!

Try to have a little fun this week … you deserve it!


Photo by Peter Fogden on Unsplash on Unsplash

One must understand, from the day of rebirth to the physical realm, your body grows older -and hopefully more mature – but it’s still wise to recall the essence and fruitfulness of youth. Indeed, a ‘youthful’ approach to all spiritual matters will help you believe and accept your destiny, because it holds thoughts of freedom and creativity so often suppressed as one’s life unfold, and as those family ties of work and home … responsibilities take hold. Once again, only the closure of the mind inhibits the idea of true peace, and so this one real choice matters to you all.

In time, doors open and opportunities are created for every one of you, and when something is right, it is like the sun suddenly breaking free from rain-filled clouds or rising above the dark horizon. Try not to despair, fear or ask about the timing of such things, even though I know what you need before you have ever thought of it.

Comprehend, that within your heart lies the magnificent power of love and light, it knows no bounds and is without limitation or restriction. Therefore, you can each achieve great and glorious things to help yourself and fellow hearts and Souls upon the Earth-plane, and far beyond it too.

Please appreciate, these choices are yours alone to make, and no one can live your life for you, as it is your own Soul’s responsibility. Understand too, by your awareness and strength within you, your personality and character can shine, and this helps to maintain your bodily health, which in turn enables you to achieve your own goals and ambitions.

So, look for the goodness inside yourself (and in others too), while at the same time find the inspiration through your creativity and those gifts bestowed upon you. Perhaps you can discover your passion, and, if you are able to follow this, who knows what you can achieve, you might just be surprised! Amen.”PS. Remember to try something new, after all, what’s the worst that can happen? 

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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