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Let your intuition and heart guide you…

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Hello everyone.

Life can be so difficult, but if you feel you don’t have someone to talk to or anyone who can help you out, please know that the way forward can be more simple than you think.

In today’s message of guidance (below), we are reminded to listen to those gut feelings, our intuition and our heart which will never lead us astray. After all, it is a shining light amidst any darkness or despair … and is God’s way of giving us a little nudge in the right direction. 

Have a lovely week ahead, keep strong and positive in all you do. 



Let your intuition and heart guide you…

“During your life, one must always be on your guard to live in truth. And I will help you by being your conscience – which pricks the mind to deflate the ego – as well as your intuition which allows those gut feelings to swell over you when something seems right or wrong, and direct you in all matters of the heart. 

When you acknowledge this, your ‘life’ can be what you make it, for even in desperate times I am there – if you look for me. I am the smile, the birdsong, and the lone flower amongst the weeds of discontent, hurt, and anger. I am the softly spoken words to encourage and help, the comforting arm during tears of grief, or the stranger who assists you in the hour of need … yes, I am the light and am all things in all places.

I promise I will wipe away and cleanse the anguish from every heart and Soul. You will see and sense me more clearly than ever before because love knows no bounds, it is free from time and distance, all the while permeating and transcending every plane and dimension of energy and vibration.

Comprehend you are this same power and magnificence. Believe it to be so, and absolutely nothing can prevent you from making your hopes, dreams, and your eternal goal come true. Finally today, please understand, having clarity of thought is an immense step, for this leads to a clearer vision of whom, what, and why you are, and (as mentioned many times before), where you’re headed to. Amen.”  

PS. Remember, listen to your conscience, for that is ‘I’, whispering to you in the ether, hoping that you pause and reflect upon the innermost thoughts of your mind.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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