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Learn how to listen to God’s voice!

Welcome fellow truth seekers!


Someone recently said that they couldn’t hear God’s voice … that he doesn’t listen to them and to any of their prayers, but how can they be so sure?


Well, should we actually believe – or expect – that ‘his’ attention will hit us like a lightning bolt, and subsequently provide us with the solution, direction and help we think we need? When all is said and done, perhaps it’s because we are just way too busy and preoccupied to even recognise God’s voice?


The answers (and support) we require may simply come through our thoughts. It might even arrive through another person, a change in our circumstances, via music, or from any other form of artistic expression and creativity – but more than likely, it will often manifest itself when our hearts truly become filled with perfect peace.

Enjoy the post … learn to listen to God’s voice, and have a wonderful Bank holiday Monday. Blessings from all at AFY.

Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

Learn how to listen to God’s voice!

Listen to my voice during the day, and at night while you sleep. This is all you need to distinguish ‘light’ within the darkness of the impermanent world and all the guidance you will ever need. It is the only ‘light’ you can comprehend and see in eternal truth.

Understand I am the warmth if you are cold. I am the drink to quench your thirst. I am the light when you are blinded by the darkness. I am the land encircling the ocean of doubt. I am the sky and the clouds drifting by – watching over you. I am the mountain you climb in earnest, eventually reaching the peak to stand alone, yet entwined within my heart you will be. I am the fragrance of sweetness from a flower. I am the air filling your lungs, and I am the touch caressing your face in a loving embrace … indeed, I am everything and everything I am. What further proof do you need?

You will know implicitly and simply these things are true. Nothing else matters. Remember, when you become ‘still’, a thousand bells could chime, but you would only hear the truth from me. So then, what answers do you feel you now need? Do you wish to view an awe-inspiring scene or just be shown what to do, and when? Are you expecting a miracle?

Since time immemorial and across billions of worlds, numerous ‘forms’ of life pray to me with all their questions and wishes … when they only need to turn within themselves to find their answers. Listening to and within the silence is the easiest way to hear me. Remember, I reside in your heart (and in every thought and deed) … because my child of light: I AM I. Amen.” PS. Remember, learn to listen to God’s voice … don’t let the conversation die!

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all -AscensionForYou. 

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