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Know you are strong … stronger than you could ever possibly imagine!

As the Covid-19 lockdown continues there are worrying reports of an increase in domestic violence and young people really struggling and contemplating suicide.

With this increasing disturbing picture of society gripping our nation (and the world), the time for family and friends to communicate online or by phone to give extra support takes even greater importance.

If you are concerned about their well-being, why not let them know they are loved and are stronger than they can possibly imagine.

May today’s post give you extra-strength today and the weeks ahead. Peace to all.

Know you are strong … stronger than you could ever possibly imagine!

Know you are strong; stronger than you could ever possibly imagine. No four walls or delusion, or confusion can imprison your Divinity. No cage envelops you. No-one controls you. You’re already free to soar as high and far as your will allows. Should doubt rear its ugly head, or if you ever think you are alone, turn ‘within’.

So, you must grow through experience to gain wisdom, in the knowledge you are one with me. If this were not the case, then why do you exist, and what would your true being and purpose be? So, one often views their life-path as good or bad or indifferent, bringing difficulties, hardship or success, but please try to understand, everything is for love. Therefore, do not despair or grieve, but embrace the joy from, through and to your Soul. Amen”. PS. Remember, I urge you to believe and keep strong … because the light will radiate and shine and guide you through every challenge you face.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou.

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