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Just simply be … and enjoy this little journey.

Hello, fellow light-seekers!

As the Sun has finally come out to play – here in the UK at least- let us now forget the long hours of rain, those windy and dark clouds filled days … as well as the usual life challenges we all have to face and for a few moments at least, and just simply be.

So take a few deep breaths and relax. Allow the journey below to take you towards your true self and into the peace and tranquillity of God’s love and light.

We trust you enjoy this post -which should hopefully guide you towards a fulfilling and peaceful week to come!

True peace lies inside your heart.

The cover photo- Unsplash.

Just simply be … and enjoy this little journey.

Let us begin with you sitting on the bench, to help you learn true peace once more. The glorious sunny morning with a clear blue-sky envelope you with a clarity of thought. There are no clouds of illusion to cast shadows over the forthcoming journey. Remember, we are ‘one’. You are free to receive and experience what you require on many different levels.

The rays of the Sun now rise high above the horizon. In the warmth, which encompasses your being, a golden path glows and shimmers like a heat haze. It rests in front of you. Acknowledge the reality deep inside your Soul, and understand that I am no theatrical wizard, and this is no make-believe yellow brick road.

Stand and take your first step on it, like an innocent child, without caution or trepidation. Why should one fear, when you comprehend I am so very near? The mind’s hold shall evaporate, for when you embark on the way of truth, the journey becomes effortless. So, you imagine you walk, while your feet glide along. The internal and external energies increase your resonance; to elevate you above those denser, lower vibrations, which only try to impose and contain your heart through the senses of the body.

Further away, the gold turns to brilliant white … intense and all-pervading. Strangely though, you can see the vision, as the body and mind and Soul now work in unison. As such, you can bear witness to the true splendour and magnificence of life. You shall have new insights into who and what you are, and why you are ‘light’.

At the brow of a hill, you hesitate, for below lies a meadow of immense beauty. Words are not enough to convey its Divine essence and glory. An eagerness to visit this paradise of tranquillity flows through you. The vivid colours captivate and transfix your thoughts, and reignite the goal and purpose of your existence.

Your arrival was expected all along. No shoes are required, as your bare feet cross emerald grass – softer than silk. As you inhale my breath of light, your lungs fill with clean air, which intoxicates you with its purity. Feeling light-headed, you sit down, to pause and reflect in stillness.

The flowers beside you all weave and dance, to the merry tune of my heartbeat. Shades of red and yellow and purple and blue … in fact, more culminations of every colour imaginable … shine in each direction. Some appear to grow differently and look crystallised in appearance because they are those tears of joy, which mature and flourish within my kingdom, shed from eyes and hearts … through love.

These droplets of emotion are precious, and cannot be removed or valued as possessions on the impermanent planes of Creation. No, they illuminate eternally through every dimension; and their energy radiates like galactic spirals of fulfilled hopes and wishes into infinity. Therefore, they bloom, not from fertile soil, but from connections between one heart and another: – perhaps a first kiss, the birth of a child, cradling a beloved animal, or by embracing a family member or friend. All are perpetual, and continually create the field of dreams.

Closing your eyes, you start to hear a faint trickle of nearby running water. Over to the right, its sound magnifies, as the serenity begins to wash over you. Walking towards the soothing ripples, your hands carefully guide those prized moments of ‘joy’ to one side, mindful not to part the tears shed from many hearts.

A gentle stream, both pure and clear, reveals itself. Now, as you view from the bank, small rainbow fish swim effortlessly along the currents of water and time. They are destined to reach the same source of light in me, knowing, believing, and, instinctively continuing the journey home.

New sensations suddenly cascade over you, arriving in the glorious birdsong from nearby trees and bushes. On a hanging branch, suspended by my love over the water, sits a Kingfisher. Elegant and beautiful, the bird’s majestic brilliance entrances you. Its coloured glow resonates with an aura of white and gold, symbolic of the ‘Son’, who waits for the attention of unsure hearts and minds. Happy to shine, and lead you like a King, he is a fisher of all mankind. Only the Soul can decide whether to follow, in this lifetime or maybe the next.

Though captivated and enthralled by these sights and sounds, you must continue onwards. Perhaps you’ll move forward over a small bridge, to cut across troubled waters of your own emotions. Or, by taking the stepping stones which lay before you, ease those past and present burdens. This alternative route requires more effort on your part. Each stone represents a leap of faith, enabling you to trust both you and me. By retaining belief, you’ll understand the untold strength and power you possess.

The karmic imbalance will turn to right action, which brings new focus and purpose and meaning into your life. Thereby, truth -along with perseverance and fortitude- will bloom with the sweet fragrance of love, to be shared with all you meet. Pastures new beckon you, and pull on your heart strings … to embrace the challenge of embodiment and guide you for all eternity.

High in the light blue sky, a golden eagle appears; motionless, it floats in the ether. Know it is I, watching over your decisions, motives, actions, thoughts and words. I am no ‘spy in the sky’, but constantly seek to help and protect you. I promise to swoop and defend you against the predators of both inner and outer demons. Together, we will find it easier to crush the ego and any selfish traits. So, treat criticism and praise with impartiality and equanimity. Remember; do not fear for I am near.

The Sun is about to set. You look around for the enduring path of light, to return to whence you came. However, consider this; you are already home, and will always come back to self. Try to comprehend too, the warmth which seems to disappear over the horizon is but a mirage, because love is forever constant, not dictated by distance or by any earthly time zones.

So, whatever you perceive around you, always live by your own heartfelt truth. In everything you think and say and do … if it is of right conduct, with peace and love, no one can ask any more of you.

In recognition of such, you’ll find yourself sitting back on the same garden bench, rested and cradled within the seat of your Soul. Only here can you fully appreciate your Divinity forms the jewels in my crown, which shine eternally. It attracts you all throughout your journeys of self–realization into bliss. L

Let me remind you once more, you are all sparks of the Divine flame of my heart, not divided or separated, but whole. You are Creation itself. If you should ever doubt this, you can always revisit the tranquillity and stillness in the meadow of your very core. Amen.

PS. Remember, I am nearer than near. You only have to believe it to be true.

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