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Is this the road to peace and bliss?

Hello to all sparks of the divine!


Throughout our lives, we often find ourselves doubting if we are on the right road. Will God direct me to where I need to be? Am I am on the correct route to fulfil my destiny?


Well, if you know the true road and the goal, then you can discover whether you are progressing or not!


When we recognise and utilise the internal satnav of truth (inside our hearts) it reminds us that the ‘goal’ is One. Only then do we understand the journey we are each undertaking -within our mortal coil’s- lead us to the One God.

May this post help you to find -or continue- in the true direction of hope and trust and love. Have a peaceful week ahead!

Photo by Anisur Rahman on Unsplash

Is this the road to peace and bliss?

Your destiny will be reached by removing your anger and fear. In addition, by casting out the confusion and illusion you comprehend your self-realization which will lead you towards the goal. In other words, you will no longer travel upon the road of doubt, which attempts to keep you from knowing your true ‘self’, and me.

Therefore, do not concern yourself over ‘so-called’ fate, or worry over what you imagine could be lost, stolen or taken away from your life. These attachments only bring anxiety, a lack of contentment, and distrust. Instead, move forward to share the love inside you, and help other Souls upon the road of light.

Above all, the truth (in whatever capacity or form), may sometimes seem to hurt, but this can be deemed as necessary in order for you to progress along your own path and journey. However, in learning, speaking and accepting our true reality can only be beneficial … not only to yourself but for those who are close by, travelling beside you towards real peace and bliss. Amen.” PS. Remember, keep your eyes and heart fixed upon the eternal prize.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all -AscensionForYou. 

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