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In times of turmoil…

We’ve got the coronavirus spreading around the world, people are dying, lives are being disrupted, no flights to the USA and the financial markets are going crazy. … but you don’t really need us to tell you all that.

But even with all this craziness (and maybe even because of it), we still need the world and humanity to stick together. What doesn’t help is when the government say that the elderly might have to self isolate for 3-4 months, then they complain that the shelves are being emptied at the supermarkets… what do they expect! It’s almost like they want people to live in fear … but we should not and will not succumb to this.

On top of this, there are even the conspiracies emerging that hidden global powers (instructing the governments) released the virus as a test to control the human population. When you think about this, how better to do that without ‘war’?

Keep strong and safe everyone.

So, week.

Corona virus cell

Pretty eh? Corona virus-cell … photo from Unsplash.

In times of turmoil…

“Like a common cold, the germination of a virus is quick, does not discriminate over young or old, color or creed; it only wants to multiply and extend itself. Therefore, only by utilizing the filters of non-discrimination, compassion and discernment can you all make the correct choices and decisions to support those affected … and in the prosess, dilute negativity, pain and fear, thus bringing a new calmness to humanity. Amen”. PS. Remember, the responsibility resides in each of us to protect ourselves and others.

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