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In these uncertain times … we must all be responsible.

As the COVID-19 continues to grip the world in an invisible vice-like grip, we’ve witnessed panic buying and fights in supermarkets …schools and shops and pubs/ restaurants closing and the nation on lockdown.

And, amongst the ever-increasing death toll (180 -at 21/3/20) we witnessed the sadness of NHS staff unable to buy food! This begs the question of our responsibility to each other and in fact, the whole human race.

You could say the word responsibility refers to our ability to respondto everything that occurs within and outside of us. In real terms, our ability to respond to any given situation is limitless, whereas our ability to act is limited. Did you know it’s the simplest way to express our divinity too?

Today’s post is a piece of Spiritual advice on this. Keep safe everyone, God bless.

Helping each other is everyone's responsibility

Responsibility -our ability to respond. So will you? Photo by Matt Collamer – Unsplash

In these uncertain times … we must all be responsible.

“The reality is this … a Soul’s circumstance and experiences can be deemed as perpetual joy, or an ever-increasing angst of worry, fear and stress, so do you perceive your current ‘situation’ as either of these scenarios?

In the acceptance of what some call the unknown, it is your responsibility to shine as brightly as you can, for your reaction to all events can be felt by those who are around you, as well as ‘life’ either seen or unseen.

This is because life-energy (both within and out), transmutes and transcends positive and negative feelings through one’s thoughts and actions both near and far. These can help many other people, or do the exact opposite whereby they hinder and counteract love, light, and truth.

Therefore, the ‘resonance’ of what you do, think or say not only affects many levels of your life, but those whom you meet too. As stated earlier, these choices are yours alone, for the responsibility is to yourself  … your ‘higher-self’ and all the world about you. Amen”. PS. Remember, all negativity will fall into shadow, as you continue to walk towards the light and live within love and truth.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou. 

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