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Imminent war? As North Korea and the USA rack up the tension – give peace a chance!


 Morning everyone.

Well, planet Earth faces another potential global crisis. The threat of war continues and so anxiety and fear rear their ugly heads again.  As South Korea taunt the North with anti-DPRK radio broadcasts along the DMZ, North Korea puts their troops on a ‘war footing’, and President Trump threatens to bring death and fury … oh my word!   

Of course, while this increase in tension doesn’t quite signify war, the rhetoric taking place isn’t exactly helping either.  In addition, we look at such things from a distance, and it becomes very easy to assume that events like war, death, hunger and poverty are only confined to distant shores … they are other people’s concerns and problems, but we are all one – remember?

So, can our prayers really make a difference? May today’s post be a reminder of the truth in our hearts. 

Let’s send out positive thoughts for the world everyone.  


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Imminent war? As North Korea and the USA rack up the tension – give peace a chance!  

” Conflict usually occurs when two minds – or rather two hearts – do not meet or share the truth of who they are. This then splinters into greed, jealousy, ego, hate, and thoughts of power over another, which resemble needles that pierce and blind true sight, casting eyes into shadow, doom and gloom.

Hatred can ooze from every cell of the body, in the form of negativity and confusion, which must be erased.  It brings great anguish, this leads to fear … fear leads to stress, and stress is ‘disease’ (dis-ease), and ultimately, the death of the body. It also represents the blindness to another’s love and joy, and like a reflection within a strange mirror at a funfair … it distorts and contorts the true image of light itself. It detracts you all away from the rays of the Sun (and Son), which beam the radiance of truth both inside and out.

So, in such times, people pray or ask  me, I want peace, let there be peace, bring peace to him, her, or this or that country’ … but what is it actually wished for? In reality, it is no more than comfort, joy and stillness.

This will happen when you realize the tranquillity is within yourself, and then by linking with your neighbours, family, friends, or even a stranger, you form real chains of love (the strongest force imaginable, because these cannot be broken by time or distance).

Understand true peace comes to all those who do not desire anyone or anything, and who dilute and dissolve their ego to find inner peace more quickly and subsequently find their higher self. Amen.”

JOHN  LENNON – GIVE PEACE A CHANCE VIDEO         PS.  We have to believe that goodness and peace will prevail – as God doesn’t make mistakes.


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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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