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I AM THE IN-DWELLER OF YOUR HEART – AscensionForYou / David Knight

Welcome to you all. As I have had so many comments requesting to see and read a little more than the usual  6 sentences blog post, please find another lesson to enjoy  

I hope you’ll find it  informative, uplifting and encourage you to become the best person, human being and soul that you can be .


I am you and you are me, not born or created other than through thought, word, or deed. As the many seek and grow, both within and without, there comes a time when their own realization sets in. This can be on the Earth plane or in the realm you call ‘Heaven’, in fact upon any of the innumerable dimensions or planes. Truth only prevails and is understood and fully grasped when it touches the very core of the self. No amount of persuasion or act of forcefulness, via body or tongue, can make someone or something truly ‘understood’. It is the self, the true ‘self’, that knows this.

All life is moving physically, mentally, and emotionally. There, amongst this perpetual resonance lays the true stillness, yet so many can’t comprehend it, but they will. When a child is given a complex sum to do they will scratch their head or perhaps even scream in frustration. When the individual embarks upon their own discovery they too can be confused, bewildered and even walk the ‘path of tears’ of so many souls, past, present and the future.

Perhaps you could consider this point of your lives as a test or the learning curve of the physical embodiment in which you find yourselves. Ponder and think about this when you can. For now, you can visualise a flower that blooms within your heart, the petals opening to the rays of light of the Sun. This is the truth of all things. Each petal represents facets of your ‘Atma’; your Soul, your very identity.

The warmth of the Sun clears the way for the fragrance, which is your Divinity, to blossom in your being, your surroundings, in the elements and all of Creation. The energy of Love, of peace, and of Light is pure and it cannot be tainted or mislead by any known or unknown force.

On the Earth plane, scientists and philosophers of all era’s past and present search in many ways for the answers to their questions. All that they could ever wish for are already within themselves. It is blindness and seeking in the dark if any other path is taken.

Do not misunderstand, human beings wish to discover and venture beyond themselves and the earth to faraway places. This is not wrong, as human endeavour can achieve so very much and within those actions of man, there can be beauty too. However, the goal is, was, and always will be to realise the truth and achieve liberation and bliss, God, Nirvana or whatever name any individual wishes to call ‘ME or I’.

All must move on from the early understanding of a ‘figurehead’, perhaps of a statue or even of a faith, a religion and beyond. Yes, to know that you are part of me, finding the one truth – that you are me and I am you. These can be grasped and understood or cast aside as a joke or a farce. All that needs to happen is for the petals of your heart to open so the rays of Light which contain all truth will prevail and guide the seeker onto the right path. Whether you are old and grey or are an infant, you have the ability to comprehend these things if you really want to.

As you feel I feel, and it hurts me when time is wasted. I do not mean on your hobbies or individual tastes of life’s choices and work. Opportunities arise in all your lives to shine like beacons of love, and yet so many go amiss. Circumstances in and around you present many openings both to give and share the beauty within each other and yet these pass by so very often.

Too much emphasis is on the material or upon selfish acts which blind, trap and twist the cords of truth that lay before and all around all things. I can see these comparisons for it is encompassed around both the individual and the masses. You can untangle yourself by letting your love bloom. Let the feelings of this fly on the wind just like pollen. Where it falls it is blessed with my grace and multiplied beyond comprehension.

Love is the nectar of my heart and I long for you all to sense its sweet taste and embrace it once more. Do not be fooled by the transient and impermanent physical world, for it is an illusion. Feel and look within yourself and discover who and what you really are and what you can become.

I know you. I know you all. There are no secrets that you can keep, no actions that go unfelt or even unheard by me while you are awake or asleep. All you do, all you think and all you are is Karma and action while in your embodiment. Break free from the cycle of physical renewal and you will be true to your Soul and goal. Wish it, want it and desire it with all that you are and can be, for it will become so.

Therefore, I see, feel and know you because I am you, the ‘In-Dweller’ of your heart. In both knowing and understanding this fact, you become near and dear to me. There is nothing you cannot achieve, for if it is in truth I will make it happen. Every one of you may make the one real decision and choice, of which you may need to consider. So now I ask, do you believe? I will leave your thoughts on this matter for now. You will know when to write again David. All Love, love all…..know and hear my call. Blessed be. Amen.

Have a good (or should I say ‘God’) day everyone…perhaps with thoughts and prayers for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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God Bless and keep shining brightly! Dave



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