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Hurricane Mathew … a reflection of of our own human nature?

Hi everyone.

Over the past several days, television updates continue to show the whole world the power of nature, with Hurriane Mathew leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake. With more than 900 deaths noted in Haiti alone, one tries hard to imagine how those who have so very little, can begin to cope with so much devastation.

Obviously, planet Earth is both a beautiful if not turbulent place to reside,  and as human beings (or custodians) of this living, breathing pearl in the ocean of space, how can we try to protect it – and ourselves? Well, the In-dweller gives us a clue in the short post below.

 While many people may think we are born, live and then we die and that’s the end of us, other’s, through their faith and religion or by some strange tug of the heart strings, choose to believe in something far greater than themselves … the everlasting peace and love of God.

However, most would still agree that we can all do with finding a better balance in so many avenues of our lives. Food for thought indeed, but in this forthcoming week, let’s truly hope the weather is alot kinder (and calmer) to the shores and hearts of many.


“Remember, it is important to understand that your seasons of change will be constant, just like nature. Therefore, you need to be adaptable, intuitive and go with the flow of your inner feelings and thoughts. Of course, I do not mean you should only ever consider your own, but rather make sure everythiung you do is in the name of truth, with the foresight and action of true human values.

If you are able to feel or witness both the beauty and destructive power of nature … one must also appreciate that the ‘elementals’ of earth, air, water and fire magnify both ‘life’  and death in all its glory.

Hurricane Damage Royalty Free Stock Photography

Therefore, realize the ‘energy’ – ranging from the sublime and beautiful rainbow to the volcano’s fire and brimstone … and from the pure clear water of the sea, to the tornado or hurricane from ‘hell’, are all events and occurrences which evolve from what is consumed and emitted through thought and word and deed by everyone who lives upon the impermanent ‘plane’ and dimension of the Earth. It is no more complicated or difficult to comprehend than this.

Global world in space blue planet earth with some clouds and stars in the dark sky elements of this image furnished by nasa Royalty Free Stock Photos

As such, it has been -and always will be- essential to try to live in peace and harmony, with gratitude of and for ‘mother’ Earth who sustains your wellbeing and physical embodiment. When you live in truth with nature, you must realize all life is ‘one’, and by doing so, every action leads to a positive and negative reaction. So, balance is a key which brings stability, and then, by being ‘still, you can begin to nurture your own true nature within. Amen”.

PS. While countries offer aid where they can, may we offer our own thoughts and prayers and healing to those in need.

(Images courtesy of Tomgriger, Mokcreations, Tank Isara – dreamstime).

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May you keep shining each and every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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