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How to be the ‘silver lining’ on these dark and rain-filled days.

When you’re trying to keep upbeat and positive, these dark and rain-filled days can seem very depressing indeed. But no matter what the weather – and also our family, work and home circumstances throw at us – we mustn’t live life under a cloud.

In fact, when we allow any form of negativity, frustration or whatever the human mind deems as ‘imperfections’ to suffocate our creativity, the truth and love which shines inside our hearts may become stifled and often pushed to one side.

Therefore, today’s post provides some guidance that aims to help you to find – and keep focused upon – that silver lining. God bless and keep shining.

Every cloud has a silver lining!

Be the silver lining and allow your love to shine! (Photo – unsplash)

How to be the ‘silver lining’ on these dark and rain filled days.

“Do not let those old shadows of doubt or despair cloud your judgement. They will creep and stretch from the corners of the mind to hide the way forward, which only disguises the smoother path ahead of you.

Please understand that I am the pen, pencil, paint, paper and the canvass, as well as the camera and every form of creativity one can think of – to display the truth of ‘you’. Therefore, I ask you to utilize me by thought, word and deed.

Realize too that I am always here for you. I shall assist you with knowledge and then wisdom, which will help you grow – more often than not with what you ‘need’, rather than what you think that you want.

By this, I do not pick or choose what you can or cannot have, or in what you can or cannot achieve either. No, it is with Divine assistance -through circumstance, events, and connections of love and truth from and through and by many hearts and hands which can materialize what is required for you as a Soul and human being. Amen”. PS. Remember, I shall always encourage and help you to be the best person and Soul that you can be!

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou.

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