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How do I erase my doubts and fears?

Hello … to all aspirants and devotees of peace and truth.


I want to change, but I’m worried. There’s too many what if’s, how’s and when’s. My fears and doubts are constant shadows which weigh me down.


You state, “I want to change”, but do you think it’s your appearance, one’s thoughts and attitudes, or perhaps your way of life which makes you feel dissatisfied? If so, do you believe you are trapped, persecuted, or now suffer the pain of mind, body or Soul?


You are already FREE. Know that the mind tries to impose limits upon you -through your senses- while the strength of our love inside your heart cannot be contained. You must erase all doubt and fear to become the real ‘you’, to continue forward and fulfil your expression of our divinity.

So, become open to new possibilities and opportunities; those new thoughts and feelings; and above all, do not fear the changes God urges you to make. Please, keep strong every day.

Cover photo by James Coleman and post Photo by Bram – both on Unsplash.

How do I erase my doubts and fears?

God’s reply …

Many people state they can see, but one must appreciate, it is not just the sense of sight which leads to ‘insight’. For example, picture the sea gently washing upon the shoreline, or beautiful stars glistening within a clear night sky – because both are visual treats. These images often evoke peace and harmony and impart the yearning for knowledge about the what, why and how you are part of Creation.

For all this, true vision will not reveal itself through one’s physical eyes alone. You need to comprehend that your brain and mind will try to decipher, reason, and substantiate their purpose by utilizing sight and other senses too. This is why you must bypass or short circuit the thoughts they generate, which allows you to become conscious of me. In addition, when you re-focus through the lens of ‘truth and wisdom’ -through your heart’s centre- the information and answers you require are revealed.

Your reality will be projected towards you like beacons of hope and joy, for they act as a two-way mirror. In other words, you not only see your own reflection, but I bear witness to you too. This is the reason why you cannot hide, run away or become isolated.

Please appreciate, the mind attempts to justify everything you think, say or do, but more often than not will impart new doubt and fear. However, you can start to help yourself by removing the clutter of mental noise. This will leave a clean canvass for you to experience greater love – through one’s growth, understanding, wisdom and peace! Amen”.PS. Remember, doubt and fear will kill more goals and dreams than failure ever will.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all -AscensionForYou.

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