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Here’s why your senses must be turned inward!

Many people often feel that their desires and attachments get the better of themselves … and in a way, it’s a good thing that it’s possible to recognise this.

In fact, it is tremendously important to understand how our senses affect us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually too. How may we do that? Well, if you can start to use them consciously, you’d see how much is happening compulsively, and whether ‘life’ is happening the way you want it to.

Ultimately, all our senses are outward bound, but when we focus inward – our true level of perception occurs. So, try to make a little time this week … to sit in quiet contemplation and connect with your true selves.

Peace to all.

Where are you? Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

Here’s why your senses must be turned inward!

“Do not let the senses of the body dull your goal and one true aim of eternal bliss, for my embrace and kiss of peace and tranquillity is beyond comprehension. Simply search inside the ‘I’ of truth, and without hesitation find me in every leaf, rock, and within all things. Remember, I am the core, the ‘In-Dweller’ of your heart, and by my grace I will help you to attain true insight.

Please understand … human beings in vast numbers believe their eyes are open, yet they remain blind, as an invisible eyelid clouds the vision of their hearts. This binds them with confusion and delusion, but through and from love, all will change.

Remember, as the river of time flows by, it is only I who can guide and ease you to the safety of the shore and into my loving arms, so search for me in all things, and offer everything you do with truth. Believe your thoughts, words, and deeds are offerings to me, both sacred and pure, and then, as stated before, all consequences of your actions become mine.

Through rebirth to the physical plane, you all become entwined as ‘one’, into the embodiment of ‘man’, therefore correct action enables good karma, which brings balance to each element of your being. Let the flower of your heart bloom, to display petals full of fragrance from your love and Divine presence. May this aroma sail in the wind and fall upon ‘life’ both far and wide, to touch many Souls across many tides, because distance or time cannot prevent light from emanating and illuminating all that I am. Amen”. PS. Remember, silence is the speech of the spiritual seeker.

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