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Here’s how to let your inner ‘shine’ glow – just like a real Christmas tree.

Hello fellow spiritual aspirants.

Like so many of you this weekend, we’ll venture up to the attic and bring the Xmas decorations down.

And, in preperation for the forthcoming festivities some people will adorn artificial or ‘real’ trees with all sorts of glitz and sparkle, whilst others maynot even bother at all.

Many years ago, ‘Spirit’ once gave us a comparison between the wonderful pine tree and our own inner luminousity, so now is a perfect time to refect upon inner joy and peace.

In addition, we urge you not to stress too much as the big day draws ever near- just keep strong and positive in all you do. Peace.

Unlike the Christmas tree – may your heart and Soul share joy the whole year through.

Here’s how to let your inner ‘shine glow – just like a ‘real’ Christmas tree.

“Those with Christian beliefs will probably have a Christmas tree, and whether real or artificial, will be adorned with decorations and the like, but in reality, this is a reflection of the truth … for a real pine tree, with its pine needles -which can be soft and gentle or hard and sharp- bears so much more.

A tree such as this has a wonderful shape, with its aura of luminosity (as it lives) is something to behold. It’s light is like a star, manifesting from all points. It radiates in all directions and is both beautiful and serene, created by and from love.

I explain this to you because although you bring  stresses and strains upon yourself due to commercial, materialistic or even family pressures, it is only when you relax (and actually be at peace), that the same light and ambiance as the pine tree starts to manifest itself to touch others around you.

Please understand … happiness, joy, peace, goodwill, friendship, forgiveness and compassion for another soul or being are all magnified and personified when truth flourishes from the heart, especially at Christmas time.

So, when in this special atmosphere of truth and light, be like the pine tree’s branches and extend your arms and love to another. Perhaps you can help to mend a broken heart; or allow your light to become a beacon – for those who have cast aside their doubt to go looking for guidance.

Know that nurture and nature go hand in hand because so many aspects of a human being’s life are like this …  and in time, all will comprehend who and what they truly are  – divine. Amen”. PS. Remember, whatever you preference or religious persuasion, this can still be a special time for you to display the real ‘truth’ of ‘you’.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou. 

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