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“ENERGY” AscensionForYou – Spiritual Guidance and Education

Welcome again to one and all, here is another lesson for my Wednesday post.

I trust and hope you’ll find it both informative and uplifting and that it will also encourage you to become the best person, human being and soul that you can be!


As your heart wells up with feelings of love, I know of the grieving that has beset you both during this week. I also know that you sense me with more than just your body, and so as your tears fall, I feel them too. As you ache inside, I will not hide. I will lift you up with my grace and my blessings to new heights. I will bring smiles back to your faces that will shine like beacons to those who draw close from far and wide. Do not be sad, for she (Daisy) is with me, in my heart and my kingdom that encompasses all things. Do not suffer with pangs of guilt for which you both are clear.

All people should know that sometimes dreams and wishes become their own nightmare. It is down to perception and fear, a fear that they have no control over their destiny. This is strange when all it takes is belief and faith in oneself, the faith that is in me. Life isn’t always about fairy tales and happy endings, but these should not be taken for granted of course when they also come true.

Life is your body, your karma, your right action, and experiences that come to you, and situations that get played out before, with and by you, do so for your growth. These occurrences, or you could say these energies, are all around you as different vibrations, different levels of ether, matter and emotions of your ‘being’. 

During your life stages of rebirth, education, employment, retirement and old age, many different types of energy will come into and around you. You cannot dissect, burn, erase, or hide from it. Energy is life and all life derives from it. You could take this a step further and call energy ‘Love’. But how can you touch love, feel love or even know love? Well, in a simple analogy, name me one person who has not cried, laughed or shouted out aloud. Does an innate object do these things? No. It is this simple.

As I am love and energy, I am all things in all every place, dimension and I encompass all time. There is nothing that I do not sense or cannot feel. This is why I feel pain and anguish as readily as your joy. People often ask me, “Why have you not intervened? Why did you let this happen?” I understand that in grief and pain of heart, things are often said with anger, hatred and desperation.

Through understanding and knowledge you will find truth. In finding truth you will come full circle to peace and to know true love. All must focus on who and what they are and the energy of who you are, what you think and what you say. All deeds, thoughts and actions are energy and this can be either positive or negative, resulting in the appropriate outcome of helping, protecting, nurturing and loving, or even the complete opposite could occur.

As you sit, you think of the body which was born, a birth of energy. In fact, your physical is the only thing that was born as your essence, your Atma; your Soul was never ‘born’ into the physical world. You already existed; for you are permanent and what is permanent cannot die. Only the impermanent fades and dies.

When you look into the night sky on a clear evening and see the multitude of stars, (so many that man can’t really perceive), these are being born and fade all the time. When stars collapse and become black holes a change of energy has taken place, it has altered, yet still exists. 

A human being goes through similar processes; evolving, growing, maturing, but, as the body is born, it follows that it will die. This ‘body’ is cremated or buried, perhaps in time it is either transmuted into another form by fire and ash or dissolved into earth. Everything is returned to me, as I am all things.

Those who do not know me in their hearts, I still love. Everyone is near and dear to me, and the realization of such, one day, will happen. All will sail on my ocean of love, for I am the wind that will empower those that flounder by the rocks. I will remove the anchor (or you could say ‘anger’), that weighs them down in the false position of a make-believe harbour within the physical world, with its materialism and traits of ego, personified by lack of compassion and mistrust.

This harbour that pretends to be a safe haven from the elements is in fact (for many) a prison. Who says that they cannot or mustn’t venture outside? Why is one frightened to experience the new horizon? The so called sanctuary is the illusion of people’s minds and hearts. A false energy, a harness holding one down when you could be breaking free to eternal bliss, to me.

For one to progress, just take a step towards me. For one to achieve what they think is impossible, take three. Push aside the clouds of doubt and enter my heart that is yours, for it always was and always will be. I am you and you are me. We are ‘one’ energy, but sometimes in your confusion you feel as if we are separate, running parallel to each other.

Know that I truly love you and that our hearts are one. As such, every heart beat that resonates around the physical world I know, hear and feel you.  So therfore become still to feel the energy  both ‘within and out’. Do not ever despair, for nothing and no one is alone, and I will always care. Remember, ‘she’ is safe in my hands, no suffering, no fear, just peace and bliss. Be ‘still’ and feel me, like I feel you. Amen.

Copyright © 2012 by DPK Publishing /AscensionForYou. All rights reserved.

Have a good (or should I say ‘God’) day everyone…perhaps with thoughts and prayers for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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God Bless and keep shining brightly! Dave


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