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Earthquake in Italy … and how YOU can truly help too – AFY.

   Hello apsirants and disciples of truth … 

This week saw the elation of the GB team of althletes returning from Rio and a highly successful Olympic games. Then, in deep contrast … we witnessed the tragic scenes of towns and villages desimated by the earthquake in Italy. Life is full of high’s and lows, and it seems to test our human nature in so many ways. On one hand tears of joy, and in the other, tears of grief and great sadness … all real from hearts of truth.

Today’s short post highlights how humanity can help each other when ‘disaster’ strikes, and though you may think you can’t support those in need without being present, your own kind thoughts and prayers can represent your own gift and universal presence.

Dear God, may your grace and peace shine upon those who suffer.


“Sometimes it appears difficult to focus upon the joy and love in the world, especially when you bear witness to the ‘devastation’ this week, caused by the earthquake and the ‘aftershocks’ in Italy. This captivated the media around the globe, who then display these scenes and images as ‘news’. Through this technological and ‘modern’ age in which you live, such images and sounds highlight the suffering and anguish of both the young and old (and animals and wildlife too), so one can become blinded and bound by destruction and pain.

Yet hope remains, because humanity displays deep compassion when so-called ‘disasters’ take place, be it tsunamis, earthquakes, floods or fires. Please know, the desire to help those who are unable to hep themselves resides inside every person, but freewill and the choice remains the individuals alone. So, while such events send waves of energy and vibration over vast distances, touching those who live hundreds or even thousands of miles away by sight and sound, the Soul will always connect or disconnect from these sensations and emotions stirred within.

Physically, some people will provide aid with water and food and blankets and clothes, others simply try to dig with their bare hands. Spiritually, many more help through thought and prayer. But the truth of our oneness need not stop here, and therefore, by supporting each other and the wider community … when you spread your ‘wings’ to offer knowledge, time or experience to other villages, towns or cities, it can unite the world, and this displays and promotes real kindness and peace.

Remember, one might be in awe or even become frightened of such so-called ‘tragedies’, but DO NOT fear … just appreciate our love is more powerful than all of these combined, because inside, your heart and mine will always go on … AMEN

PS. By connecting the dots of each and every Soul … you’ll see the true picture of our oneness. 

This song says it all … MY HEART WILL GO ON

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May you keep shining each and every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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