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Do you ever feel trapped?

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Today’s message reminds us that God is on our side! He helps us to help ourselves and offers a brief explanation to remove those self-imposed shackles that our minds often impose upon us. 

We learn that there is great strength inside our hearts to overcome many trials and tribulations, even when we think its impossible.

Enjoy the post below, and keep strong and positive in your week ahead. Peace.



Do you ever feel trapped?

“If you place too much emphasis upon the material aspects of living (or continually live through selfish acts), one must realise this will impede your true vision and also twist the ‘cords’ of truth which lay throughout Creation.

However, while such behaviour can bind the individual -and the masses- … this can still be untangled by letting your love bloom. One must push doubt and fear aside and cast any feelings of confusion upon the wind, in the knowledge that where it falls (just like pollen) shall become blessed with my grace.

Please understand, love is the nectar of my heart, and I long for each of you to sense its sweet taste and embrace this purity once more … so do not become fooled by the transient and impermanent physical world as this is an illusion. All you have to do is to turn within yourself, and you will discover who and what you really are, and what you can become too.

I know and love you all. There are no secrets which you can keep from me, and no actions go unfelt (or even unheard) while you are awake or asleep. What you do and think and say culminates and manifests in Karma (action) during your embodiment. Hence, I urge you to break free from this cycle of physical renewal, and if you wish and want and desire it with your whole being you will become true to your Soul and goal.

In addition, by accepting you are a spark of divinity and that I am the ‘In-Dweller’ of your heart, you will comprehend there is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve. If something is true and for love, I make this happen. Each one of you can untangle the lies and false boundaries which have previously held you back. To make this choice and way of life ‘real’, the only question to ask yourself is, ‘Do I believe this to be true?’

I will leave your thoughts on this matter for now. All love and love all … and you will know and hear my call. Blessed be, Amen.”

PS. Remember, the grace of God is like insurance … it will help you in your hour of need without limit.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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