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Creation … and billions of sparks with hearts!

Hello to all aspirants of truth and love…

Someone recently said they felt inadequate, small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. This can often occur when one becomes weighed down by the expectation of family, work or home responsibilities, or through the stress of financial commitments or even from emotional, mental or physical illness.

During such times, it’s easy to forget how unique and special you are as a human being and Soul, so we want to remind you of your true beauty, wonder and splendour – after all, you are a spark of Creation!

May today’s post gives you a timely lift for your body, mind and Soul. God bless.

Creation … and billions of sparks with hearts!

Photo by NASA on Unsplash h

Each night, millions of Souls will gaze upon stars, galaxies, and the firmament above them, only to gasp in awe at such beauty and magnificence. Meanwhile, scientists, scholars and academics (throughout the aeons of time), all contemplate the ‘big bang’ and evolution, continually wondering how, why and when it all started, and for what purpose too. But, if you can appreciate the simple and straightforward statement of ‘I am all things’, then you must be everything too.

So, do not try to find me in faraway places, but know that I am the wind upon your face, the water you drink, and the ground you walk upon too. Hence the Universe -which lies beyond your mind’s perception- is only a reflection of my love, my body and my being, and hence, what you sense, see, feel, touch, hear, and taste are all one of the same.

If you continue with this train of thought, you may wonder if you were ever ‘born’ at all, or did you manifest as a Soul by some magical potion? Of course not, and because you are light, you have not gone away or come from the light. Your true essence cannot be filtered or watered down in any way, shape, or form, you are whole, and only your own false realization can trick or deny this fact to you.

With so many attitudes and misunderstandings concerning Creation, it is vital that you realize and ascertain your own beliefs and thoughts towards this reality. In this process, you should not abandon any religion or spiritual practice which seeks truth … nor offer me flowers or fruits as one’s gratitude for my love and support, as I do not require such things.

It is far wiser to honour and love the real you, and as such, be true to your own Divinity. This is the course and path all must learn to take. Do not even believe you are ‘attached’ to me, as this is a false and misleading ‘need’ which wells up within you. By loving yourself, you will love the truth inside, and openness, trust, faith, and many other qualities will manifest themselves through, too, and from you … and this is true Creation. Amen.”PS. Remember, during your ‘bodily’ years, I request you do not ask me how important you are within the grand scheme of things, for as I stated before, each grain of sand upon every desert and beach is vital, for it makes one whole.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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