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COVID-19 LOCKDOWN … you’re at home, and a golden egg of an opportunity has fallen in you

During the Covid-19 lockdown, there are many stories on social media of people feeling trapped, bored and helpless while being at home. You are kidding … right?

What happened to ‘Home Sweet Home‘ and ‘Home is where the heart is’. Just think about this special chance you have been given to spend quality moments with your immediate family. What about time to catch up on your home repairs or hobbies. The time to learn a new skill. Time to educate yourself. Time to love each other. Time to meditate/turn inward. The list is endless so how can anyone be bored?

Today’s post is a reminder to refocus and value ‘life’ and the time you have been given. And, while the NHS tries to keep us alive, please be responsible, keep safe, and think about the golden egg of an opportunity this Virus has provided. God bless.

Opportunity of a lifetime

Photo by Kenrick Mills – Unsplash

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN … you’re at home, and a golden egg of an opportunity has fallen in your lap.

“When you become still, you feel the love which flows from and through and to all things. And, like the blood within your body and veins, I am the life force which enables you to carry out each activity of your Soul, and help you to accomplish everything your heart requires. My breath is the energy of creation too, and I am here for all life beyond space and every dimension.

So, why not take advantage of the time and life you have been given? Move forward in the knowledge I am always with you, and hold your hand with every step you take upon the earthly road. I also place your heart inside my own, and cradle you within my grace, which I pour over your Soul to sustain you into eternity. Amen”. PS. Remember, without the darkness you would NOT know the light! And, wasted time is a wasted LIFE!

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