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Change your life? Just change your thoughts!

Much has been said regarding the law of attraction, including Charles Filmore who once wrote, “The law that all conditions and circumstances in (our) affairs and body are attracted to us in accord with the thoughts we hold steadily in consciousness.” (Nicely put!)

Well, we know that everything in the universe is energy, so you are too. You have a physical body, of course, and you are also 'spirit', and then there are your mental and emotional energies in different forms too. As such, you send this 'power' from your consciousness ... which is directed by all your thoughts and words and deeds.

Just like the signal from the TV (Tell-lie-vision) or radio, such energy isn't visible, so most people live their lives unaware of the 'force' that resides within and around them. However, energy transmutes like ripples on a pond, with the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and in fact, everything you do.

In addition, if we take the stance that like attracts like, one's thoughts emanate as waves ... and attract conditions and circumstances to you that have a similar frequency, so when you experience the opposite of what you want, those so-called 'problems and challenges' arise only because there's a something inside that's causing conflict with a particular goal or desire.

Comprehend, that it is important not to believe something is either 'good or bad', for this is just an emotional response caused by the mind reflecting upon your previous experiences - one's memory. Only when you totally accept that you get exactly what you think, feel, say or do will you realise the truth, that nothing works against us but ourselves. Therefore, when you start to change your thoughts ... you can, and you WILL ... change your life!


This video may help you...

Change your Life? Just change your thoughts!

"Understand that the mind is a bundle of desires. In essence, when you remove yourself from the threads of attachment, the 'cloth' will disappear ... and the mind will then become clean and pure. Amen."

Remember, that 'LIFE' doesn't happen to you ... 'LIFE' happens through you!


PS. Be positive and joyful and smile as much as you can. God Bless.Dave (AFY)

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