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Can you arise each day with vigour and anticipation?

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Hello, all devotees of truth and peace.

Someone recently stated they felt like a sloth, unable to motivate (or be motivated) with each new day. So how can we feel excited as each morning starts?

Well, when we have work, family, home, financial responsibilties you would think it would be easy to jump straight out of bed, but these can all weigh heavily upon our minds. Therefore while it may be easier to to lie in bed, we must simpy arise with vigout and anticipation to enjoy the joy and peace God has intended for us to experience that day.

As we all embark this new week, let’s try and embrace whatever lies in store.

Praise be to God.

Can you arise each day with vigour and anticipation?

“I am forever here, there and everywhere for you all, so it is down to the individual whether he or she will search and aspire to know me ‘within’. Likewise, by accepting yourself, you will know me too, for I am you and you are me. We are one, remember!

Therefore, with each passing day, choices and decisions rise like the sun, and when you look for them, they become clearer, resembling the sunlight shining through those clouds of confusion, which helps to clear the fog from the mind. You see, if the mind is agitated through negative traits such as anger, jealousy, hatred and ego, the way forward is blurred and hazy. It’s like viewing a mirage, believing something or someone is there, which only leads to false hope, denial and pain.

However, when you are focused and true within, you endeavour to better oneself on a Soul level, doors then open and opportunities arise, enabling you to shine and share from, to and through the heart. These then leave lasting impressions upon another’s Soul, not like those memories which resemble ripples, fading upon the emotional waters of life. So, with each new day that dawns, can you arise with vigour and anticipation? Amen”

PS. Remember, embrace each day. It is an opportunity to share and live and to love!

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou.

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