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‘BEE’ the pollination of Love … AFY

Hello one and all. Someone recently stated they felt confused about many aspects of their life, and wanted this new year to be turning point to discover their true purpose and path in life. Well, this query brought about a reminder of an early ‘lesson’ which aims to guide, remind and help us of who and what we are. Hopefully these few words will resonate and flow through you and your heart. 

Have a great week!


“Understand there is too much emphasis upon the material, or with selfish acts which blind, trap and twist the cords of truth that lay before (and around) all things. I bear witness to these as they encompass both the individual and the masses, but you can untangle yourself by letting your love bloom. Try to let this notion and these feelings fly upon the wind (just like pollen), in the knowledge where it falls becomes blessed with my grace, and multiplied beyond comprehension.

Remember, love is the nectar of my heart, and I long for each of you to sense its sweet taste and to embrace purity once more … so do not become fooled by the transient and impermanent physical world, as this is an illusion. All you have to do is to turn and look within yourself, and you will discover who and what you really are, and what you can become too.

I sense and know you  … because I am you, the ‘In-Dweller’ of your heart. In accepting and realising this fact, you draw near and dear to me, so comprehend there is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve, and if something is truthful and for love, I make this happen. Everyone of you can at least consider or decide to make this choice ‘real’ … you only have to believe! Amen”.

PS –  Indeed … you can  ‘BEE’  the pollination of love.

(Image courtesy of Tina Phillips -Freedigitalphotos)



I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart  ‘The Collection’

In a process known as ‘inner-dictation’, God’s wisdom and love is transcribed through and from the heart, to help us rediscover who and what we are, and why we exist too. As such, these ‘lessons’, guidelines and principles will resonate inside your Soul, and remove the veil of death, fear and anxiety to provide a clearer vision and purpose. Please be assured, during one’s sojourn, you are able to find your own path towards self-realization, and become liberated into eternal bliss and peace.

A 492 page paperback book at

and the eBook in various formats at Smashwords



I will continue to post extracts from them our books, which I hope you will find informative, uplifting and encourage you to become the best person, human being and Soul you can be! Remember, parts 1 and 2 and 3 have all been collated with and through ‘inner-dictation’ from my speaking heart to yours … please enjoy!

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May you keep shining each and every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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