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At this special time of year, try to focus on the resurrection of the Lord … and find renewed

May this special time of the year bring you renewed hope. And, while the world around you continues to bear the frustrations and pain of the COVID -19 virus, try to focus on the resurrection of the Lord in your heart, and embrace this opportunity to reflect upon your own faith and life purpose at this time.

Enjoy this longer, informative and powerful message, below. Keep safe and well. Peace and Joy to all from all at AFY.

Sea of Souls - the Lord has risen!

Illustration by Bruce Walker.

In the name of the Lord … resurrect your love this Easter time!

There are many people and Souls who have set aside a space in their hearts to contemplate and debate the Easter ‘period’. For some, they may find their faith and trust and hope renewed, yes … reborn, and you could say ‘resurrected’.

These words do not mean that I favor any one faith or religion from any land or country to be greater or more purposeful than another.

Therefore, please use this moment to pause and reflect and to evaluate your reasons for being and living, because shadows of doubt and confusion can then attempt to block out the light which leads you God-ward (inward), where all your true needs are met.

Know that this day will forever be remembered when Jesus had ‘died’. He cried out, “Father, Why hast thou forsaken me?” I hadn’t … for you are never alone, separate or ever divided from me. I am with you constantly within your joy or sadness, your failings and in all your triumphs too. I am but only a thought away and my help, my love, my embrace is there for you.

I will then arrive in a smile, in your laughter or by a helping hand to lift you up. I am with you in the sunrise as the light shines upon your face, or within the breeze and the wind that cools your skin. I will be the water that quenches your thirst so remember in all ways, that I am always with and within you. All you have to do is to believe and to ask me.

For some however, I still remain a mystery, an enigma or even fictitious. Yes, in countless different languages and spoken tongue these are the hearts who cannot currently ‘see’, for they are temporarily blinded by fear and illusion.

But one day, all will see clearly with the eyes of body, mind and Soul as ‘one’, just as they should be. I will be known in all walks of life by all hearts because truth will prevail. ‘Light’ will pierce the darkness and rise up through despair and confusion. Just as Jesus arose from the tomb of ‘death’, so you will all know of peace, bliss and self-realization.

This is your goal for one and all. You can remove the cloak and veil of death and fear. You can be free from the treadmill of rebirth. You can achieve this but know your will is always free.

Right now I ask you to put down the burden of all of your cares. I promise you that I will pick up the crosses to bear myself. Put your trust in me and trust in yourself to move forward into the light with the shadows of doubt falling further behind you each day.

Symbolically too, may the crown of thorns prick your mental consciousness … bursting the balloon of any inflated ego’s that tarnish the Souls brightness. May the blood from Christ’s limbs flow through your own veins and thus bring the light of the ‘SON’ to your hearts. May his body that bore the sins for the world be a reminder that I will always forgive and love you. It is for you all that need to forgive and love each other.

So too, may the robe which was ‘wrapped’ around the Lord, be known as the blanket of truth and protection. I have placed this around you all, each and every one of you. Even in your darkest hour, feel its warmth and love that will always flow and envelope you, because it is only a thought away. I am I … and I am you and you are me. Indeed the Father, the Son and the Holy ghost.

The power of the physical body can never compare with the essence and the power that is the ‘immeasurable’ within you. Resurrect it, nourish it, cherish it and believe it and your life will truly be fulfilled. Amen”. PS. Remember, you have the power to reaffirm the love within you, so that all those who cross your path see the truth which shines inside your heart!

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou.

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