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Ask God to use you!


Last week we heard that God was on our side, well in today’s post we learn that he/she will always work through us too!

When we read this short passage of divine guidance, we realise that our minds should not be the controlling factor in our lives.

In truth, we have a decision and choice to make in each and every moment of life. 

May this message resonate inside your heart. Love and light to all.



   Ask God to use you!

“As I witness many of your days drifting by … thinking, toiling, and often in worry, time ticks by without contemplation of your own reality within. Therefore, by refocusing upon the inner joy of being you, you will understand it is I who am the ‘doer’, not yourself as the body and mind.

In the stillness of our connection, you re-invite me into your life. Know I am able to shine through all the abilities and senses you possess, and hence your actions then bear fruit for other’s to find sustenance and growth. The milk of human kindness will pour from person to person, city to city and nation to nation. The world only needs to believe and act in truth, for this to become reality.

So, the clock is ticking; second by second, minute by minute, and it is a constant reminder for one and for all, so can you rally to the call? From this day forth, please overcome any doubts, as you are much stronger than you think, so do not despair during periods of grey or shadow, because a smile or a song can turn dark nights to sunny days.

Therefore, by entrusting your time to my will, and not through trepidation and anxiousness of your own, I am able to carry you purposefully along. If you can accept you are no longer the ‘doer’, then you are offering and dedicating all of your thoughts, words, and deeds unto me. Hence, all resulting consequences become my burden and do not add to any karmic imbalance you may or may not have.

Simply try and let your love flow from, through and to you always – in all ways. Opportunities will present themselves in every aspect of your existence, within your home, family, work and social lives too. Each one can be utilized and shared for truth and honesty, without prejudice, and with sincerity. In essence, they resemble butterflies’ wings, which beat silently upon the breeze, and yet they carry echoes of peace and kindness to resonate over mountains of ego and pain, captured over countless lifetimes.

Know my love will melt the ice, which has been frozen around those hearts held captive by fear, darkness and decay. Like the sun, it shall beam and radiate new light, growth and understanding deep inside, and in turn, you enlighten others in new directions because we are all ‘one’. Amen.”

PS. Remember, God has a plan already. He looks for those who wish to fulfil it … and you can be one of them.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you all, Dave -AscensionForYou- Knight.

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