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As the river of time flows by…

Hi, truth seekers!

Following on from last weeks guidance, today’s short post highlights the opportunities we have all been given each and every day.

Spirit … God … the divine … the source of all things states that we need to believe in ourselves. In fact, it becomes quite clear that we have every attribute and gift to shine and support and help others too.

Hope these words will inspire you to be whom you were born to be.

Keep shining. Peace.

Safety of the shore…

As the river of time flows by …

As the river of time flows by, it is only I who can guide and ease you to the safety of the shore and into my loving arms, so search for me in all things, and offer everything you do with truth. Believe your thoughts, words, and deeds are offerings to me, both sacred and pure, and then, as stated before, all consequences of your actions become mine.

Try to dismantle those self-inflicted barriers and obstacles which are placed in and around you – often brought about from one’s wayward senses. Show the world who and what you are, as a true being and Soul who shines and illuminates, bringing happiness and joy to all whom you meet. Forget now the past, for your own future emerges from this present day in which you walk, talk, and act, and by letting each moment bring peace, even into the heart of just one other person, you also help them find the path towards their own truth too. Amen”.PS. Remember, you have the all the power and light and love within you that you need.

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May you keep shining every day. God bless you -AscensionForYou.

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